Welcome to The War of the Burning Sky!

In War of the Burning Sky, you will have the chance to fight in a war of mythic proportions, and determine the fate of many nations in its aftermath. Ever-escalating conflicts, powered by mighty magic and fervent faith, threaten your freedom and lives, and even the world itself.

Driven by the dogs of war, you will head for a distant safe haven, a mages’ school named Lyceum, which has sent up a rallying cry for those who wish to resist the warmongers. You will have a chance to form alliances, to build an army, and to uncover the strange secrets that underlie the conflict. As the war reaches a climax, powerful magic will threaten to scorch nations, or sunder them into nothing but nightmares. It will be up to you to bring the war to an end before only embers and ruins remain.

War of the Burning Sky

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