War of the Burning Sky

Ly'Issel's Spellshard: First time in Seaquen
Research, spending the treasure and departure

After defeating Syana, we talked to Shalosha about the poems. She gave us some hints where we could continue our search for the torch (see below Screenshots).


Afterward we headed to Seaquen and Headmaster Simoon received us. He didn’t like that we returned without the torch but at least we did return and found some evidence. I argued it may be better to destroy it, seeing all the destruction it caused but the torch seems the resistance’s only chance to win this war at this point, so i gave in for now. He suggested we hand over the poems to other wizards in Lyceum, so they could research the archives for more information.

But this took a whole day. Phoenix also said good buy… as she left us to return home to Shahalesti. So we asked Simoon to help us looking for a new healer, who would be introduced next morning.

In the meantime most of us spent Korstull’s Treasure for better equipment at Seaquen’s market.

Finally some time for myself. Since my unplanned death during our visit to Korstull i decided to get better armor. As I use my psionic magic as sight replacement by enhancing my other senses, wearing lots of thick clothing feels like i’m blinded. But i got lucky, they sold a winged shield at the market and the smith had some hide and chain armor that can easily have some wholes added. MIght not be the best idea to compromise an armors protections, but it’s pointless if i can’t see either.

But death created another question that nagged on my confidence and i had to get an answer or i’d go mad one day, not knowing if this would by my last. My new body was created with the dark pyre and divine magic from the raven queen. But the pyre stopped working when Griiat died, so the raven queen is the only reason why i’m still alive. But undead are her sworn enemy… During our trip back to Seaquen i had already decided to devote myself to her, so i asked Lady Laurya to teach me as much as possible about her. That’s what we did after i got my new stuff.

In the evening the wizards told us what they could make of the poems regarding the torch (see screenshots below). So it would be best to continue our search in Ycengled and maybe locate the drow city Phorros Irrendra, as some of the emperpor’s assassins are drow. Simoon recommended us to visit the wayfarers next morning, as they might be able to teleport us there to save lots of time. Would be bad if the ragesians got the torch before us.


Next morning our healer arrived, she introduced herself as… mega giga tera…, i think. But we call her Meg. We talked tactics during lunch and she seems pretty cabable but unsure about her healing. But who questions a gift horse, so long it’s not trojan. The others then headed to the wayfarers and Laurya continued teaching me.

Seems like they had success convincing them, as they fetched us later. Strangely we left the city by cart when we were supposed to teleport. But i didn’t care, i was too tired from all the learning. Some km outside we arrived at a teleportation circle and the ritual began. The teleporter (i forgot her name) first created some protection from fire before beginning the real teleport. But that’s when everything started to go wrong, instead of instantly arriving at the destination we took a rollercaoster trip through the elemental chaos that lasted for hours…? Teleport is supposed to take you through the astral sea, but you don’t notice as it’s instant. But we managed to arrive at the destination alive and in good condition. We were shocked at first cause our destination was a burned village but it wasn’t our fault, so close to the ragesian border.

Next we searched for survivors and rested for the night. The teleporter returned to Seaquen and we south towards Ycengled Phuurst.

Map of Ycengled


The forest looms before you, a cancer upon the land. The trees are gnarled, bent, twisted as if caught writhing in endless agony. The green of the leaves screams of sickness, not of growth. A shadow creeps from the bases of the trees, spreading around the forest like a skirt, though no light source from within seems to cast it. Several paths and game trails provide ingress, but each is a faint, crooked thing, threatening to vanish utterly amidst the heavy growth to either side. From within you do not hear the calls of animals or the chirping of birds. You do not hear the rustle of leaves and branches. You do not hear the whispers of the dead who are said to haunt these woods. The forest is deathly quiet, but one faint sound does catch your attention: the squeal of metal on metal.

At the nearest tree you see something move, and you realize it is a chain swaying in the wind, dangled from a branch. The length of chain wraps repeatedly around the branches and trunk, having bound the tree so long that the bark has grown around it, so the links have become part of it. Then you see, in both directions along the entrance to the forest, more of the trees are so wrapped, hundreds and thousands.
You have come to Ycengled Phuurst.

Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Earnest deception
The earnest lie deceives, and his grandmother weeps echoes of souls primordial, but the golden ship carries the word to safe shelter.

Dear spellshard,

after raiding the vault, Earnest from Milhouse’s gang turned into a trillith called deception and attacked us. But not just that, he even managed to revive his grandmother Syana! it’s like one of the poems from the throne room:

The earnest lie deceives, and his grandmother weeps echoes of souls primordial, but the golden ship carries the word to safe shelter.

So If Earnest’s grandmother is a dragon and he a trillith, what kind of creatures were his parents…?

After both appeared we celebrated the epic fight that was potentially starting. You don’t get to kill a dragon and a trillith… at the same time!

But we decided to follow the prophecy (flee), after learning about their BDSM tendencies. How can you fight something that turns you into a willing (sex) slave? We managed to flee with the sled that was hovering above the dark pyre, but wasted a soul gem.

Outside Shalosha and some eladrin followed us on flying mounts (griffons?). They asked us to have a chat on the ground. I never met her but Breora said she’s trustworthy, so we compiled. Just as the sled touched the ground, the BDSM dragon re-appeared!

Seems like Syana couldn’t get enough of my tender fingers. So the whole army rejected her love and expressed their hate by firing arrows, but she still wouldn’t accept reality. She was looking at me like that ALL THE TIME. So was i was dominated (death ends).

When i came to my senses again, she was dead and her flesh had rotted away.

Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Castle Greyskull's Treasury
Loot, Treasury, Hoard, Riches, Cache, Stash, Vault...

Dear spellshard,

something strange just happened. We finally found the castle’s treasury, but noone cared. What’s wrong these people, have they all abandoned materialism?

Just imagine how many insane experiments Rylik could fund with this…

As no one cared i took as much as possible. Not that i care about material possessions, they just invite in thieves… but it’ll be useful in funding the rebels war effort. I also can’t leave it to the ragesians! How ironic, now i’ve become the thief, eh?


An extra dimensional wardrobe also contains several outfits, worth 800gp each.

Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Poems
Blood written Poems in the throne room

The bright shadow returns to its homeland, and the sky may burn for it’s last time.

Five rivers flow, one black, down to sunless seas. Between lives she sees shades chained, warring against the shining one. Golden wings, like branches in winter, shelter them against a thousand scouring eyes.

Bells toll at the gate, and winter grips like a wolf as the fire bleeds from the world.

Ursine skulls lead armies against earth, wind, fire and water.

The devil of the east wind, his mask only a smile, hides a thunder child in a prison upon a tomb.

Serpents writhe in an eight-armed stone, and solders shall feast upon the rubble of madness.

The earnest lie deceives, and his grandmother weeps echoes of souls primordial, but the golden ship carries the word to safe shelter.

O wintry song of agony, o longwalking betrayer, as balance shatters like waves against the shore, your vengeful wing guides the motes of the burning sky, strong by search and guile, to seek annihilation at the Heart of History.

Deep beneath the gate of summer’s sound where lies sleeping the Mother of Dreams, her nightmares roam unbound. Freemdom holds her chains.

The nightmares rise, the tempest stares with ire, the eternal hearl falters, and death of life is borne by fire.


Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Exploding Castle Korstull
Exploding Castle Korstull

Dear Spellshard,

i finally managed to sneak past those stupid Ragesians and arrive at the entrance of Greyskull. As the monks of two winds explained, there really IS a breach in the firestorm they had not yet noticed. But there is a bunch of people waiting that i did not expect. I was informed of 3 elves (one dark) and 2 humans. But what are those 20 halflings and gnomes doing here?

I considered to stay hidden and listen in, but decided to approach openly to avoid their suspicions. They must’ve already been on edge with a ragesian army at stones throw.

My reception went pretty well, after mentioning the monks the elves and humans believed me. The introduced themselvel as Beryl (human female) Breora (elf female), Castagorn (human male), Lady Laurya (elf female) and Rylik (drow male).

They explained they made a bargain with clan Milhouse (the half/gnomes). The clan would get any treasure inside the castle, but we the torch. We also had a short discussion what todo with the torch (take it along or destroy) but didn’t come to a conclusion. Thus we entered the castle.

The whole castle looked pretty impressive if you ignore all the burn marks and ashes caused by the fire storm. It took a lot of time to investigate the ground floor and didn’t reveal much, besides some undead, devils and empty rooms.

At the end of a corridor we found the pump room an the elevator and more undead soldiers. But they didn’t attack us on sight, instead their leader Thorkid threatened us. We used this opportunity to negotiate and he offered to help us with the pump if we allowed him to take this place over, after our business is done. We agreed cause a castle full of undead and surrounded by ragesians was useless to us anyway. I wondered why an undead would confine himself to a single place when he could discover the world, but he said he wanted to study the source of his undeath first. I agree that it’s helpful to know the limits of your immortality.

He then explained the torch would most likely be at the top floor but it can only be reached by elevator. The elevator in turn is currently out of order and is secured by lots of traps. To enable the elevator, we must reactive the pump, which is connected to the water wheel. So we must remove the damn somehow. To avoid the traps we need the correct elevator lever combination. The note from the dead half orcs could be a hit on parts of it.

With this the first floor was fully explored, so we headed to the second floor. Here we found a series of rooms and corridors that i’m not describing in detail. This part of the 2nd floor is isolated and not connected to the other stairs in the second entrance hall. It contains the castles only toilets, a chapel, statues to several gods and is filled with holy smoke that compells visitors to donate stuff to the statues. Additionally all corridors had small wholes that connected them to adjacent rooms, so that the holy smoke could fill the area easily.
The chapel was inhabited by some devils who attackes us on sight. During combat an imp claimed they have free will, but i didn’t believe them. All devils serve Asmodeus! The fight was funny for me cause the devils tried to flee by teleporting through the wall wholes, while we’d have to walk a longer way through the next door. But with my own teleport i followed them easily and flushed em out!
We found a mirror in one of the back rooms, that showed another room with lots of mirrors and another undead dressed like a ragesian inquisitor. Later we found out this is Griiat, the source of all evil at this place. He used the mirrors to monitor the whole place and us. Reddengott as wraith could move between floors, not needing the elevator to command the troops. I tried to take it along but the mirrors magic faded when i put it into my bag of holding. I guess Griiat himself disabled it. Maybe the devils used it to communicate with him…?

After clearing the chapel Lady Laurya mentioned this it’s blessings are still intact so undead can’t come here. We could rest here anytime. But we were still healthy, so we moved on to the other part of the 2nd floor.

There we found a barricaded large banquet hall with a griesly sight. Several undead and an ochre jelly were feasting on rotten meat. The ochre jelly introduces himself als Lord Gorquith. They disliked Griiats leadership and expected his minions to kill them any day. Gorquith agreed that this would be a good opportunity to get back at him but he insisted that we should revive him before he would provide any help, like the correct elevator combination. He sent his jester with us, as he knew where there’s a secred compartment in the chapel than contains a scroll of true resurrection. We took and but the jester turned on Gorquith, telling us to use it on him instead. But he couldn’t provide any real arguments for himself like more information or telling us what an evil preson Gorquith is, so we held our part of the bargain and he left the castle. We revived Gorquith and told us the correct elevator combination.

At this point all accesible areas were explored so we returned to Thorkid and told him we’re ready to go up. Pumping up enough water would take hours, so we planned to rest after setting up the water wheel. He also warned us that Griiat would use this time to summon more undead and prepare his defenses. Several hours later the rocks were removed and the waterwheel was turning.

We moved towards the chapel but Reddengott was already waiting for us in the entrance hall with a new type of undead. We attacked them like we always did, but these guys were something else. They were moving like whirlwinds all the time and anyone caught in it was stunned for a short moment.
So if they didn’t move away, anyone close to them remained stunned until death. But my exceptional will allowed me to recover from their stunning blows quickly and focus their attention to me. The rest of our team could slowly whittle them down at range… but they were too slow to save me, when Reddengott commanded all undead to focus on me. Lady Laurya countered this by using all her healing magic to keep me alive, but the undead were too numerous.

I don’t remember the rest of the fight but this is what the others told me. A moment after i died, Reddengott revived me as another ogre wraith and turned me against my former allies (shame on me). They feared they’d all die at this point.

But our saviors arrived, when Clan Milhouse came down from the chapel after hearing all the noise. We started winning when one of them used a scroll to gain control of Reddengott and Breora started the song of forms, turning some of the wraiths subsantial and much more vulnerable to physical attacks. At this point they easily managed to kill the remaining undead (including me) and even asked Reddengott for the correct elevator combination. He gave the same one as Gorquith, but reversed so i guess he lived upstairs while he was alive.

This would’ve been the end of my story, if not for Thorkid and Lady Laurya. Somehow they managed to bring me back as a revenant, a being that’s both alive and undad at the same time. It took a while for me to get used to it, but it isn’t so bad (and who questions a gift horse). The new body seemed slightly stiffer than my old (speed 7 → 6) but a lot more resilient (unnatural vitality). Thorkid returned to the pump room while the rest of us rested, while waiting for the tanks to fill.

The tanks took about 16 hours to fill, so we had a lot of time. At this point i was introduced to Phoenix, a hamadryad and master of healing magic. She explained she was turned to stone by Reddengott, but the curse ended with his death. As she was “part” of the dam we cleared earlier, she inevitably met the group when she followed the only path to where Reddengott was slayn. As hamadryad she’s dependent on her accorn, which Reddengott took from her. So she’d join us in searching this place. I was also explained that my revivication weakened Laurya lot, so she’d be unable to join any fighting.

During our rest Griiat started another pointless attempt to get rid of us, by sending more Phantoms. They definately managed to surprise us as we didn’t expect invisible undead at this holy place. Castagorn took some good hits before the rest of was ready to strike back, but we managed to regroup. I was resting i a side room accessible only by teleport, so i did my own kind of surprise attack on them. We continued to rest after the last vanished, but we did set up guards and secure the only door, which they had used.

With 4 guys from clan Milhouse we headed to the elevator and started it up. Thorkid recommended us to secure the lever, so we decided Castagorn should control it and never let go until we arrived. We debated which of the 2 combinations would be correct (Reddengott or Thorkids) and decided to use Reddengotts, as he was controlled by us at that time and unable to lie. Turns out it was the wrong decision, as we triggered the traps of the 10 floors on the way up. I won’t list them all but suffice it to say we barely managed to survive, thanks to Phoenix’s incredible healing magic.

The 2 most dangerous traps: The outer floor suddenly gave in and one of the gnomes fell down. I barely managed to hold on and succeed in climbing up, but couldn’t stand up as there wasn’t enough space for us. At this point i put on my Bracers of Brachiation and climbed up, to avoid further floor traps. Arriving at the 10th floor, the last trap threatened to iron us, as it was an invisible but solid ceiling. It disappeared when we changed the lever to the last letter of Thorkids combination.

Finally arriving at the top floor… my head started to spin when grabbity stopped working. Our wizards explained we could decide ourselves what’s the “floor”, even the ceiling. Another heated battle started when we left the elevator. We were in a narrow hallway surrounded by arrowslits and undead behind them, who immediately opened fire. One of them also created a wall of fire behind us (on the elevator) that was moving closer so we were forced to charge. I flushed out the archers by teleporting in, while the rest of the team tried to move away from the firewall. Easier said than done because we were also attacked by lots of those sword dancers that could stun. Still we managed to win and move on.

After another hallway we came into a large hall with floating debris, that couldn’t decide where it’s center of grabbity. The dark pyre was also in a small room adjacent to this hall and a magic sled. Thanks to the debris it was impossible to make out anything more than 10 foot away… the perfect place for an (am)bush. The room with the dark pyre is where Griiat was waiting and had prepared a warm welcome for us, in the form of lots of burning skeleton archers and 2 walls of fire at the sides. At first we tried to set up a defensive position in the middle of the room, while firing back at those archers. But Griiat (a ragesian inquisitor) dispelled most of our protective spells so we charged and killed him. With his death the spook ended – all undead and the firestorm outside the castle died. I fell uncoucious because part of my power source was gone.

But i woke up a few minutes later, having Breora and Phoenix tend my weakened body. I felt pretty weak, but alive. Through a window we saw the the army charging into the castle. I hope the remaining half/gnomes are alright. I rushed back to the elevator to block the mechanism and buy us more time as we hadn’t found the torch yet. We started searching the castle’s top floor, revealing some secret passages, a magically locked box, an unconcious inquisitor and… the castle’s treasury!

No matter what we did, the inquisitor didn’t wake up. After some debating we used a special potion from the treasury on him and it worked! I also considered to use it myself, maybe it would’ve turned my body back. But bigger things were at stake and he might know where the torch is…

…which he did not. He introduced himself as Darius, ragesian inquisitor and guard of the emperor. He told us some skilled dark elf assassins poisoned him and took the other guards out. Then they probably either killed or took the emperor along with the torch. As proof there was some blood near his bed.

Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Introduction

So how do i use this thing? The merchant said it would record everything while i’m connected… oh.

Dear Spellshard,

Rest will be filled later. Possible content:

Return this to my family when i’m dead
The Stars are always right
The end of eternity
Intermezzo at Monastery and chasing the torch

Entry #91, 92, 93 AND 94 -- Wherein I Become a Baddo
Evil doesn't feel good at all

So after a week of waiting for the monk brother guys to make a ball of anti-firestorm-magicky stuff, we were finally ready to start marching down the mountains and sneaking into Castle Greyskull to find some magic flamey-torch. I think it’s the same one that the old Emperor King Dude had before he disappeared and Leska showed up bein’ the queen Inquisitor that no one expected. So I guess it’s important?

Anyways, we were on our way down when one night… uh… I guess stuff happened.

Uhhhhhhhh Esme says some shadow Trillith thing called Darkness showed up and snuck into my head since that guilder bit the dust (I guess he was sneaky-shadowing the shadow-manipulator and I kil Something bad happened to him and it blamed me) but since Esme was already there, she was like Hey get out you stupid Trillith and it was like No you and shoved her out. And then it got into my brain bits and did stuff.

WHAT? Normally I know what happens and stuff cuz I saw it myself, but I was like in shadow-la-la-land. I think I saw Esme too. I thought it was Nadia at first (cuz she’s a doubleganger and can look like me that way) but she slapped me hard in the face and Nadia wouldn’t do that… at least, I don’t think she would. Esme TOTALLY would, though. She’s all about bein’ tough and takin’ down things ourselves and stuff. Not a big sharer either, so I’m glad she’s okay with sharing my headspace instead of doing whatever that shadow-thing did.

Except now she doesn’t want whatever the heck happened to… happen again. So she’s reserving all the sleep time for ‘trainings’… I dunno if I like the sound of that. Aren’t you supposed to be all naps and rest when sleeping? How do you train when pretending to be a log?

Entry #90 -- Wherein I Chase Monks
...and then they chased me! They changed the rules!

Heya Mr. Book~

We made it back to Eresh, where Bird Monk told us that the big cheeses of the monastery was FINALLY okay with talkin’ with us, and even sent some guys to take us there. I guess the place is led by two brothers, Pilus and Lonjin Logi Lonny. I dunno much about Lonny except he likes to wear a fancy mask and be all “mysterious” and “whispery”. I know a bit more about Pilus (since you helped remember for me, Mr. Book!) and he does kinda look like the type of guy that would be kinda sneaky about stuff. He was buddies with that warlord-king-guy Omnomnom or whatever-his-name-is. I still think it was weird that he was all “the Ragesians aren’t anything to worry about” and now he’s all “we need to kill ’em now”. Still, it ain’t the first time people had to change their mind about stuff. I’m still iffy ’bout him, though.

Speakin’ of iffy, Castagorn (the big guy) said he was gonna follow us now, for some flimsy-type-reasons. Y’know, “Destiny told me to” and “It feels right”. I mean, if Destiny told you to jump off a bridge, would ya do it? Not unless it had a dagger by my neck. Still, I don’t think he’s sneaky enough to be a bad guy. Just kinda dumb.

He was bein’ nosy, though. He was talkin’ with Bre about what we’re doin’ and what we saw and stuff. She’s kinda good at readin’ people, so I figure if she trusts the big guy, it can’t be all bad. She filled him in on stuff that’s prolly important, like Trilliths (the weird dream monster things that usually kill stuff like Madness and Indomitability, but have at least one nice one with Balance that’s inside Bird-Monk’s head right now) and what we’re doin’ (Which is helpin’ Seaquen out to fight the Ragesians, which right now means helpin’ the monks, which means findin’ the Torch that ol’ Coaltongue had before he disappeared, which is probably in his old castle Greyskull that right now is covered in a big fire storm that’s WAY worse than the fire-forest we were in) and how we got roped into this whole thing in the first place (I just wanted to kill stuff).

Then they started talkin’ about Bird-Lady, Rylik and me. It was just the usual stuff at first, like Bird-Lady is nice, Rylik’s thing with skulls is weird, Beryl’s really stab-happy (and I am, but that’s nothin’ new) and then Castagorn got all ‘Should we trust the stabby one?’ Esme thought it would be funny to spook him when he was all nervous like that, so I tried to sneak up on him and Bre. Bre saw me comin’, but the big guy jumped out of his own skin! Guy needs to learn how to relax. I mean, we only kill the people that deserve it, like the Ragesians… Monsters trying to eat us… Guilders… I should probably make a list. Then again, Esme can keep track of that stuff way better than any list can.

We’re gonna be busy waitin’ for a week while the monk brothers make an orb so we can go storm castle Greyskull. I’ve been busy learnin’ how the monks move so dang quick. I mean, I’m pretty fast on my feet, but they always seem to be JUST out of reach when I tried to catch ‘em. Then when it was my turn to run away, they were like… tougher to run away from than a shadow. It’s a weird way of learnin’, but it’s kinda fun. Like a not-deadly game of tag.

I’ll write again later, Mr. Book~ Maybe when I’m not so tired from runnin’ around.

Entry #88 & #89 -- Wherein a Long Fight Happens
Two entries worth of fight! Honest and for truly~

We killed the bullnado after stabbin’ it a couple times. It was pretty tough, but he kept flyin’ up where I could just nail it with my daggers. Smart, it ain’t.

Everyone poked around to see if they could save the people in the person-jars, but even if we did… we couldn’t do nothin’ for ‘em. They were already half-mutat half-mutata They were already in the middle of bein’ monster-ified, and it’s hard to un-monsterify without killin’ ‘em. Rylik was wantin’ to write some notes about the whole thing, but we wanted to kill the people doin’ all this so they would stop. So we charged through some doors and went into a neat room with a floaty statue hangin’ off some chains and other cool stuff.

Then we got lightnin’ blasted by some cheap monk girl. She was like the other monks we fought before, but she was WAY tougher. She even made herself invisible, somehow. Shame she wouldn’t tell me how to do that, but I don’t think I’d believe her if she did. She’s THAT tricky. We tried holdin’ her down, but she kept bouncin’ around like a ball in a cage, boooooing-boooooooing zap-zap-ZAP~ It’s REALLY hard to hit somethin’ that won’t hold still AND is invisible. She nearly killed Rylik and the guilder, but we got lucky with some last shots when she let her guard down. Rather than get killed, she ran away as a big tornado started to come our way. We couldn’t find anything important in the room with what little time we had, so we had to book it. That means run, Mr. Book; not throw you at ‘em or somethin’ silly like that. We had to leave most of the guilder behind, since he kinda died. Not that it was a big loss or anything. Rylik managed to save his skull, for some dumb reason. We could see maybe savin’ the big guy’s noggin, since he’s actually kinda useful. But the guilder? Should’ve left all of him to rot.

We’re kinda hidin’ out in this dinky cave until the wind dies down a little. After that, we’re headin’ to Eresh and seein’ if the monk guys are FINALLY willin’ to talk to us. I mean, we killed the Ragesians that were on their front door AND the weird biomagic monk lady (Although she said somethin’ about havin’ a master, so that’s important) so maybe they’ll see us as not messin’ around. If talkin’ nice was this much work, no wonder the other guys failed.

We DID see this thing on our way out of the tower (before the storm pretty much destroyed it). It was like a giant shark with horns and birds all around it, and it had a big eye on its belly starin’ at us. It was the BIGGEST sharknado ever. We stared at each other for a bit before it flew off someplace. Maybe the monk guys know what that thing is?

Entry #87 -- Wherein We Find a Bullnado
...not as awesome as a Sharknado, though.

Fog fog everywhere, and man it really sucked. But we finally found something in the fog that didn’t try to kill us: A tower!

It wasn’t a really big tower, maybe like…. six-ten-feet. Ya know, bigger than a castle wall but smaller than a waterfall? Numbers are hard to guesstimate. Birdlady did some weird magicky thing with her eyes and seeds and stuff, and did some long-range scoutin’ in the window way up there.

She like… stood up like a chicken and looked below her before shakin’ off the magic. I guess the tower was actually a fake, and it was actually hidden underground… But Birdlady is good at seeing stuff like that, so whatever.

We climbed down a ladder and got to the bottom of a freezed-up pit, where some weird…. stuff sprang up and attacked! It kinda looked humanish, but it’s like…. super goopy and cold. Also they flew and breathed cold stuff at us, which was not good. But Bre charged in and fire-blasted the weaker stuff into tiny pieces and we slowly mopped the rest up.

We went to the bottom of the tower, which had a door with a weird carving of like… not good stuff on it. Storms and wind turning into a thing? It looked pretty bad. The guilder also said it was trapped and pointed at some stuff, but it didn’t look trapped to me. Then he said some stuff and I got angry and WANTED TO STAB HIM AND MAKE HIM DIE AND

We opened the door into a room with a lot of person-jars filled with green stuff. We poked around and saw people inside ‘em (that’s why they’re called person-jars). Birdlady and Rylik said they were ‘beyond saving’ and there wasn’t anything we could do for ’em. But at least we could find the guy that did it and kill him dead!

One of the person-jars exploded and a bullnado came out! It’s like a tornado, but actually a bull-person. That flies! He charged out and ran into like four of us at once, knockin’ em flat on their butts. He’s… pretty tough, but at least he still bled. I think. I didn’t really bother to check.


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