War of the Burning Sky

Entry #37 - Wherein Beryl Accidentally Rats Out Doug

Doug's actually pretty tricksy~

We killed them all. Except the ottercaps; we needed those for gold. Nadia almost got eaten, but Asha and Breora were like ‘NOPE’ and protected her like usual. Rhakesh killed the ghoul with his axe, cutting him in two. It was fun.

So we sailed back on the ‘Milktoast’ which is a horrible name for a ship. The crew there were nice, or at least the ones that weren’t killed by the ottercaps. The captain apparently really hated them, which I can’t really blame him for. Spiders are bad news.

When we got back to Seaquen, Bananaman paid us all the gold because we were nice and awesome and not at all because he thought the headmaster told us to. Doug is a tricksy dwarf; he even acts all gruff and mean even if he is a big softy on the inside. Like a spider, y’know? He still doesn’t know what the Duodenum does, but he’s workin’ on it. We finally got a meeting with the headmaster, thanks to Doug! We gave him the case, and they said it was full of ‘Scourge this’ and ‘Trillith that’ and it was written by the super top people of Ragesia. We said to make sure Shalahesti knows about it too, since we promised that we said they would.

I think that wraps everything up. Bre’s gonna spend part of the night learning the song from Tiljaan in case this ‘Trillith’ thing comes back to bite us. Also, we STILL need to talk to this ‘Jess’. So many things to do. Esme’s just glad we made it to ‘eighth level’ (whatever that means). And she says I’m the crazy one.



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