War of the Burning Sky

Entry #41 - Wherein There's a Lot of Talking

And not even a single person gets stabbed

We pretty much spent the whole day talking to all the priesty people. A lot of ‘em were pretty partial to animals like bears and cats and wyverns, for some reason. They have good taste. Except the wyvern guy, Ricky. He was pretty much the only one not sold on the ’Super-Temple’ idea. Ah well.
There were some things I had to do to ‘convince’ ‘em to join in. Like pretend to have a super-long ’lineage’ or steal a book (not that’d I’d ever steal YOU Mr. Book! Unless someone else stole you, then I’d steal you back!)… It was kinda fun!

Anyways, Laurabec was surprise that we got so many people to change their mind on it. Heck, after everyone got together to figure out how to make the Super-Temple, even Ricky came since he didn’t want to be left out. He may be picky, but people need to learn to put things aside for ‘the betterment of everyone else’. Esme just thinks it’s just a bunch of silly words, but it sure makes things easier sometimes.

While we had dinner with everyone, Laurabec’s Super-Temple Friends (the name needs work) started talking about some lyre that a dragon kept in her lair, and they asked us to go find it. Now, I like music and everything, but I don’t think poking around a green dragon is smart. Still, it would be neat to see one up close, or even kill one!

I’ll write again tomorrow, Mr. Book. It’ll be a rough day, I’m guessin’…



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