War of the Burning Sky

Entry #63 -- Wherein We Skip A Number

I may or may not have accidentally torn out a page...

So, we killed like a BUNCH of those guys, all in one go. It was pretty close, but we got ’em all. I even got the Inquisitor guy myself!

We took the few guys we didn’t kill with us back to Duke Gallows, but he was more interested with some papers we looted from the Ragesians. I guess they’re invasion orders or something… Either way, we’re gonna go to Dashgoboom and Timor and show them the stuff so maybe they can help us out not get killed by the king! And avoid war and stuff.

So, we began our trip through the Pitchwood, which is famous for pitch…. and Pitchlings! In fact, we even found some trying to sneak up on us, but Bre had a sneaky plan. I guess they set torches on fire when they get too close to us, so she had one set up just in case. We did some talkings (even me! I still got that fancy necklace from Rhakesh that lets me speak Elfish) and got ‘em to help us slow down the king’s army and even melt the river for us! I had to toss some of that sticky pitch in a contest, and they were nice enough to even give me a second chance when I flubbed up. It’s HARD, Mr. Book! YOU try throwing that sticky black stuff…



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