War of the Burning Sky

Entry #64 -- Wherein We Take a Leap of Faith

And we don't go splat at the end!

We did a lot of riding and finally made it to Dashgoboom! He seemed really nice and even gave us a drink of some dwarven ale after he said he’d help out Lord Gallows. I guess that tongue-twisty-talking back in Bresk did us some good, eh? After that, we talked to the guys in Pitchwood so they’d let the pitchlings do their thing and melt the river so Steppenwolf doesn’t just waltz right in and kill everyone.

To get to Lady Timor, we either had to risk the road and probably deal with some patrols OR climb the Glass-Steel Cliffs… They didn’t look like they were made of glass or steel… just REALLY REALLY cold. I mean, ice is kinda like glass, so maybe that’s why they call it that. Either way, Laurya did some fancy stuffs and saw some spirits trying to help me up the cliff or something. ‘Portents’, she called ‘em. I’ll have to use that in my fortune-tellin’ routine…

We managed to get up the cliff without too much trouble (although I think the duck spirit probably flew in my face or something). We showed her the orders we found in that outpost, and she was iffy if they were real. I mean, they were, but it’s still kinda bad that people are still second-guessin’ us. I guess it didn’t help that Rylik was wearin’ his fancy inquisitor masks like trophies. He even asked her to fix up the one that I… accidentally broke. I mean, it’s a great collection and all, but showing up in a mage castle place wearing one of those things can’t be too good for your health.

To get back to Gallows super-fast, we jumped off the cliffs we just climbed up! It would’ve been a super-stupid thing to do if we didn’t trust the mages that Timor let us borrow to cast some magics to let us drop down without splatting at the end. IT WAS SO FUN TOO. I think I could’ve stabbed a goose on the way down if Esme wasn’t screaming for dear life. That was kinda funny too, actually~

I guess now we’re restin’ tonight to go kill— I mean, follow Gallow’s warplan to stop Steppenwolf from killing everyone so the Ragesians don’t have to. I wonder why Steppenwolf is even crazy like this in the first-place… I mean, you usually have good reasons to kill your loyal subjects and all, but still… Lord Gallows seems like a decent enough guy.

Eh. Whatever. I’m gonna nap. Nighty-night, Mr. Book!



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