War of the Burning Sky

Entry #65 -- Wherein I Try Sneakeries

...I never had to sneak past Sphinxes before...

So….. Lord Gallows woke us up super early to do some sneakeries before the big fight. Simple stuffs, like assassinating a wizard and busting up some siege weapons. We thought it’ll be fun, so some guys dug underground a ways to the main enemy camp so we could get as close as we could. Then we snuck around and found the wizard’s tent. It was kinda odd: the guard guys around the area were kinda dazed or somethin’ and there was a sphinx sleepin’ next to the tent. I figured I could try to sneak in and do a quick stabbification and make it super fast… but SPHINXES! They must have super sharp ears, because it roared as soon as I got close to it.

I blame Esme. Not because it’s her fault or anything, but it’ll make me feel better about myself.



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