War of the Burning Sky

Entry #83 -- Wherein General Sigma's Pet Dies


We didn’t have any trouble killing the guys that were supposed to ‘soften us up’. He was probably thinkin’ we were super-weak. Since he was a coward for lettin’ other people fight his fights, I strung up the road all pretty with his dead friends. Mr. Meatbag didn’t like the idea, but a few extra stabs made him sit still and not so wobbly.

Everyone tried to hide, but when General Sigma finally came, his pet was able to sniff out most of everyone’s hiding spots. Except me and the guilder, but he’s supposed to be sneaky. It didn’t matter too much in the end, since the elves all exploded magic in their faces. Y’know, fire and light and shadow magic stuff. It’s all really flashy and stuff, but I liked throwin’ daggers into Sigma’s stupid pet…. thing. A Destroy-chan? It made a funny noise when it died.

Sigma learned real quick that we were gonna kill him really fast, so he threw his sword away and surrendered. Like a coward! I wanted to fight more, but everyone wanted the blood to stop. I guess, but they started it! Still, Bre said it was better for the town to not hurt anymore, so I guess that’s fine.

Anyways, the general and his army ran away, and the town was all happy about not dying today. But the guilder and the big guy heard some kid get dragged away by… something? I dunno, they said it was invisible. It sounded like it went into the Forbidden Valley, which kinda sounds like a trap. But we were gonna go there anyways, so I guess it’s no skin off my nose.

I’ll write again later, Mr. Book! Maybe there’ll be something that isn’t afraid of dying for once!



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