War of the Burning Sky

Entry #84 -- Wherein We Check Out The Forbidden Valley of Storms

Who cares about 'Permission'?

I don’t even remember the kid’s name. Y’know, the one we went to go save? It’s prolly not important.

We ran down a bit when Bird Monk Guy showed up and was all like “Hey, need help? I can totally do that.” We didn’t really talk about details much, since there was that kid that needed saving and all. He DID mention that since that Balance trillith thing is in his head now, that ‘laziness’ aura might help during the fight. And it did! After we kinda… worked around it.

When we got to those invisible body-snatchers, Laurya said there were three of ‘em floating around, but it was kinda hard to tell since they like to hide in plain sight, kinda like see-through bed-sheets that turn sideways when you don’t want them to. Everyone also felt really slow when Bird Monk Guy went up to get their attention, so it took a bit for everyone to shake it off and keep away from him so they didn’t get lazy again. Trilliths are weird. Crazy strong weird, but weird. Wonder what it would be like having one for a friend? One that didn’t speak in circles and stuff.

Anyways, we killed the invistalkers dead and Bird Monk Guy decided to take the kid back to town while we went on to check out (dun-dun-DUN) the FORBIDDEN VALLEY OF STORMS. Which sounds a lot like that one other forbidden place we went that was on fire forever, except it’s storms instead of fire. I kinda miss that place. It’d be a lot warmer than it is now. It’s supposed to be spring, but it’s still super cold and stuff.

The guilder wanted to scout ahead of us, which sounded like a super-sneaky-guilder thing to do (like tellin’ his buddies to set up an ambush and kill everyone) but it got really foggy as we got closer to the valley. It didn’t seem that far (maybe like a day away) but it’s kinda hard to keep track of everything when there’s fog everywhere you turn. Also we got jumped by a bunch of lightning monks that shot bolts out of their fists. That kinda sucked.

Bird Lady and I managed to jump outta the way while everyone else got sucker-punched and wound up seeing stars… if stars were like… more lightning bolts. It looked pretty b— hid— (dry pen scribblings)



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