War of the Burning Sky

Entry #85 -- Wherein A Lot of Monks Learn About Grabbity

...and why trees can hurt you without doing anything

IT LOOKED BAD AND FEATHERS ARE BAD PENS. But it’s all I got for now. The monk guys here only got weird sticks with fuzz on the end to write with. I guess they call ‘em ’Cal-eeh-grow-fee’. I call ’em stupid.

I snuck around a bit in the fog (lucky me, eh?) and picked off the lightning guys while Laurya healed up everyone enough for ‘em to not die. They got kinda worried, so they started cryin’ for the help of the ‘Lord of Two Winds’ or somethin’. I thought it was gonna be some kinda super-monk, but it turned out to be a lizard thing. A LOUD lizard thing that flew around and was kind of annoying for awhile. But after we killed the lightning monks, everyone else wasn’t so confused and helped kill the monks. We were trying to NOT kill them, but since they were in trees most of the time, they kinda fell on their head and died that way. Grabbity! It’s nobody’s friend. Except ghosts. And birds. …A lot of things, now that I think about it…

ANYWAYS, we tried to keep a few alive, but between Grabbity and the loud lizard roaring them into the rocks and tree, I think only one managed to stay alive. The guilder tried to fish some info outta him, but after talkin’ to him for a bit, it looked like he was just doin’ his job of guarding the FORBIDDEN valley of doom. I did kinda feel bad for a bit, but he WAS just about to kill Bre and Rylik and the two new guys, so it was kinda like… I had to pick one, y’know?

Anyways, the guilder got angry and kicked the guy in the teeth, makin’ two of ‘em fall out. Somethin’ about ‘whistling with the wind’ or something. I really wanted to stab him after that (although Esme found it funny. She’s got a weird sense of humor). Bre kinda shook her head at me, which is Bre-talk for ’I’ll handle it’ and told him to ‘clear it with the group’ before doin’ that kinda stuff.

I think we oughta just kill him.

Anyways, we’re doin’ some more walkin’ in this fog later. I’ll write when we get to another good rest-stop, Mr. Book!



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