War of the Burning Sky

Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Earnest deception
The earnest lie deceives, and his grandmother weeps echoes of souls primordial, but the golden ship carries the word to safe shelter.

Dear spellshard,

after raiding the vault, Earnest from Milhouse’s gang turned into a trillith called deception and attacked us. But not just that, he even managed to revive his grandmother Syana! it’s like one of the poems from the throne room:

The earnest lie deceives, and his grandmother weeps echoes of souls primordial, but the golden ship carries the word to safe shelter.

So If Earnest’s grandmother is a dragon and he a trillith, what kind of creatures were his parents…?

After both appeared we celebrated the epic fight that was potentially starting. You don’t get to kill a dragon and a trillith… at the same time!

But we decided to follow the prophecy (flee), after learning about their BDSM tendencies. How can you fight something that turns you into a willing (sex) slave? We managed to flee with the sled that was hovering above the dark pyre, but wasted a soul gem.

Outside Shalosha and some eladrin followed us on flying mounts (griffons?). They asked us to have a chat on the ground. I never met her but Breora said she’s trustworthy, so we compiled. Just as the sled touched the ground, the BDSM dragon re-appeared!

Seems like Syana couldn’t get enough of my tender fingers. So the whole army rejected her love and expressed their hate by firing arrows, but she still wouldn’t accept reality. She was looking at me like that ALL THE TIME. So was i was dominated (death ends).

When i came to my senses again, she was dead and her flesh had rotted away.

Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Castle Greyskull's Treasury
Loot, Treasury, Hoard, Riches, Cache, Stash, Vault...

Dear spellshard,

something strange just happened. We finally found the castle’s treasury, but noone cared. What’s wrong these people, have they all abandoned materialism?

Just imagine how many insane experiments Rylik could fund with this…

As no one cared i took as much as possible. Not that i care about material possessions, they just invite in thieves… but it’ll be useful in funding the rebels war effort. I also can’t leave it to the ragesians! How ironic, now i’ve become the thief, eh?


An extra dimensional wardrobe also contains several outfits, worth 800gp each.

Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Poems
Blood written Poems in the throne room

The bright shadow returns to its homeland, and the sky may burn for it’s last time.

Five rivers flow, one black, down to sunless seas. Between lives she sees shades chained, warring against the shining one. Golden wings, like branches in winter, shelter them against a thousand scouring eyes.

Bells toll at the gate, and winter grips like a wolf as the fire bleeds from the world.

Ursine skulls lead armies against earth, wind, fire and water.

The devil of the east wind, his mask only a smile, hides a thunder child in a prison upon a tomb.

Serpents writhe in an eight-armed stone, and solders shall feast upon the rubble of madness.

The earnest lie deceives, and his grandmother weeps echoes of souls primordial, but the golden ship carries the word to safe shelter.

O wintry song of agony, o longwalking betrayer, as balance shatters like waves against the shore, your vengeful wing guides the motes of the burning sky, strong by search and guile, to seek annihilation at the Heart of History.

Deep beneath the gate of summer’s sound where lies sleeping the Mother of Dreams, her nightmares roam unbound. Freemdom holds her chains.

The nightmares rise, the tempest stares with ire, the eternal hearl falters, and death of life is borne by fire.


Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Exploding Castle Korstull
Exploding Castle Korstull

Dear Spellshard,

Will be filled later. Possible context:

Exploding Castle Korstull
Beginning of eternity – (Un)death

Syana the celestial, defender of Ycengled norbe foe

Ly'Issel's Spellshard: Introduction

So how do i use this thing? The merchant said it would record everything while i’m connected… oh.

Dear Spellshard,

Rest will be filled later. Possible content:

Return this to my family when i’m dead
The Stars are always right
The end of eternity
Intermezzo at Monastery and chasing the torch

Entry #91, 92, 93 AND 94 -- Wherein I Become a Baddo
Evil doesn't feel good at all

So after a week of waiting for the monk brother guys to make a ball of anti-firestorm-magicky stuff, we were finally ready to start marching down the mountains and sneaking into Castle Greyskull to find some magic flamey-torch. I think it’s the same one that the old Emperor King Dude had before he disappeared and Leska showed up bein’ the queen Inquisitor that no one expected. So I guess it’s important?

Anyways, we were on our way down when one night… uh… I guess stuff happened.

Uhhhhhhhh Esme says some shadow Trillith thing called Darkness showed up and snuck into my head since that guilder bit the dust (I guess he was sneaky-shadowing the shadow-manipulator and I kil Something bad happened to him and it blamed me) but since Esme was already there, she was like Hey get out you stupid Trillith and it was like No you and shoved her out. And then it got into my brain bits and did stuff.

WHAT? Normally I know what happens and stuff cuz I saw it myself, but I was like in shadow-la-la-land. I think I saw Esme too. I thought it was Nadia at first (cuz she’s a doubleganger and can look like me that way) but she slapped me hard in the face and Nadia wouldn’t do that… at least, I don’t think she would. Esme TOTALLY would, though. She’s all about bein’ tough and takin’ down things ourselves and stuff. Not a big sharer either, so I’m glad she’s okay with sharing my headspace instead of doing whatever that shadow-thing did.

Except now she doesn’t want whatever the heck happened to… happen again. So she’s reserving all the sleep time for ‘trainings’… I dunno if I like the sound of that. Aren’t you supposed to be all naps and rest when sleeping? How do you train when pretending to be a log?

Entry #90 -- Wherein I Chase Monks
...and then they chased me! They changed the rules!

Heya Mr. Book~

We made it back to Eresh, where Bird Monk told us that the big cheeses of the monastery was FINALLY okay with talkin’ with us, and even sent some guys to take us there. I guess the place is led by two brothers, Pilus and Lonjin Logi Lonny. I dunno much about Lonny except he likes to wear a fancy mask and be all “mysterious” and “whispery”. I know a bit more about Pilus (since you helped remember for me, Mr. Book!) and he does kinda look like the type of guy that would be kinda sneaky about stuff. He was buddies with that warlord-king-guy Omnomnom or whatever-his-name-is. I still think it was weird that he was all “the Ragesians aren’t anything to worry about” and now he’s all “we need to kill ’em now”. Still, it ain’t the first time people had to change their mind about stuff. I’m still iffy ’bout him, though.

Speakin’ of iffy, Castagorn (the big guy) said he was gonna follow us now, for some flimsy-type-reasons. Y’know, “Destiny told me to” and “It feels right”. I mean, if Destiny told you to jump off a bridge, would ya do it? Not unless it had a dagger by my neck. Still, I don’t think he’s sneaky enough to be a bad guy. Just kinda dumb.

He was bein’ nosy, though. He was talkin’ with Bre about what we’re doin’ and what we saw and stuff. She’s kinda good at readin’ people, so I figure if she trusts the big guy, it can’t be all bad. She filled him in on stuff that’s prolly important, like Trilliths (the weird dream monster things that usually kill stuff like Madness and Indomitability, but have at least one nice one with Balance that’s inside Bird-Monk’s head right now) and what we’re doin’ (Which is helpin’ Seaquen out to fight the Ragesians, which right now means helpin’ the monks, which means findin’ the Torch that ol’ Coaltongue had before he disappeared, which is probably in his old castle Greyskull that right now is covered in a big fire storm that’s WAY worse than the fire-forest we were in) and how we got roped into this whole thing in the first place (I just wanted to kill stuff).

Then they started talkin’ about Bird-Lady, Rylik and me. It was just the usual stuff at first, like Bird-Lady is nice, Rylik’s thing with skulls is weird, Beryl’s really stab-happy (and I am, but that’s nothin’ new) and then Castagorn got all ‘Should we trust the stabby one?’ Esme thought it would be funny to spook him when he was all nervous like that, so I tried to sneak up on him and Bre. Bre saw me comin’, but the big guy jumped out of his own skin! Guy needs to learn how to relax. I mean, we only kill the people that deserve it, like the Ragesians… Monsters trying to eat us… Guilders… I should probably make a list. Then again, Esme can keep track of that stuff way better than any list can.

We’re gonna be busy waitin’ for a week while the monk brothers make an orb so we can go storm castle Greyskull. I’ve been busy learnin’ how the monks move so dang quick. I mean, I’m pretty fast on my feet, but they always seem to be JUST out of reach when I tried to catch ‘em. Then when it was my turn to run away, they were like… tougher to run away from than a shadow. It’s a weird way of learnin’, but it’s kinda fun. Like a not-deadly game of tag.

I’ll write again later, Mr. Book~ Maybe when I’m not so tired from runnin’ around.

Entry #88 & #89 -- Wherein a Long Fight Happens
Two entries worth of fight! Honest and for truly~

We killed the bullnado after stabbin’ it a couple times. It was pretty tough, but he kept flyin’ up where I could just nail it with my daggers. Smart, it ain’t.

Everyone poked around to see if they could save the people in the person-jars, but even if we did… we couldn’t do nothin’ for ‘em. They were already half-mutat half-mutata They were already in the middle of bein’ monster-ified, and it’s hard to un-monsterify without killin’ ‘em. Rylik was wantin’ to write some notes about the whole thing, but we wanted to kill the people doin’ all this so they would stop. So we charged through some doors and went into a neat room with a floaty statue hangin’ off some chains and other cool stuff.

Then we got lightnin’ blasted by some cheap monk girl. She was like the other monks we fought before, but she was WAY tougher. She even made herself invisible, somehow. Shame she wouldn’t tell me how to do that, but I don’t think I’d believe her if she did. She’s THAT tricky. We tried holdin’ her down, but she kept bouncin’ around like a ball in a cage, boooooing-boooooooing zap-zap-ZAP~ It’s REALLY hard to hit somethin’ that won’t hold still AND is invisible. She nearly killed Rylik and the guilder, but we got lucky with some last shots when she let her guard down. Rather than get killed, she ran away as a big tornado started to come our way. We couldn’t find anything important in the room with what little time we had, so we had to book it. That means run, Mr. Book; not throw you at ‘em or somethin’ silly like that. We had to leave most of the guilder behind, since he kinda died. Not that it was a big loss or anything. Rylik managed to save his skull, for some dumb reason. We could see maybe savin’ the big guy’s noggin, since he’s actually kinda useful. But the guilder? Should’ve left all of him to rot.

We’re kinda hidin’ out in this dinky cave until the wind dies down a little. After that, we’re headin’ to Eresh and seein’ if the monk guys are FINALLY willin’ to talk to us. I mean, we killed the Ragesians that were on their front door AND the weird biomagic monk lady (Although she said somethin’ about havin’ a master, so that’s important) so maybe they’ll see us as not messin’ around. If talkin’ nice was this much work, no wonder the other guys failed.

We DID see this thing on our way out of the tower (before the storm pretty much destroyed it). It was like a giant shark with horns and birds all around it, and it had a big eye on its belly starin’ at us. It was the BIGGEST sharknado ever. We stared at each other for a bit before it flew off someplace. Maybe the monk guys know what that thing is?

Entry #87 -- Wherein We Find a Bullnado
...not as awesome as a Sharknado, though.

Fog fog everywhere, and man it really sucked. But we finally found something in the fog that didn’t try to kill us: A tower!

It wasn’t a really big tower, maybe like…. six-ten-feet. Ya know, bigger than a castle wall but smaller than a waterfall? Numbers are hard to guesstimate. Birdlady did some weird magicky thing with her eyes and seeds and stuff, and did some long-range scoutin’ in the window way up there.

She like… stood up like a chicken and looked below her before shakin’ off the magic. I guess the tower was actually a fake, and it was actually hidden underground… But Birdlady is good at seeing stuff like that, so whatever.

We climbed down a ladder and got to the bottom of a freezed-up pit, where some weird…. stuff sprang up and attacked! It kinda looked humanish, but it’s like…. super goopy and cold. Also they flew and breathed cold stuff at us, which was not good. But Bre charged in and fire-blasted the weaker stuff into tiny pieces and we slowly mopped the rest up.

We went to the bottom of the tower, which had a door with a weird carving of like… not good stuff on it. Storms and wind turning into a thing? It looked pretty bad. The guilder also said it was trapped and pointed at some stuff, but it didn’t look trapped to me. Then he said some stuff and I got angry and WANTED TO STAB HIM AND MAKE HIM DIE AND

We opened the door into a room with a lot of person-jars filled with green stuff. We poked around and saw people inside ‘em (that’s why they’re called person-jars). Birdlady and Rylik said they were ‘beyond saving’ and there wasn’t anything we could do for ’em. But at least we could find the guy that did it and kill him dead!

One of the person-jars exploded and a bullnado came out! It’s like a tornado, but actually a bull-person. That flies! He charged out and ran into like four of us at once, knockin’ em flat on their butts. He’s… pretty tough, but at least he still bled. I think. I didn’t really bother to check.

Entry #86 -- Wherein Ettins Are Dumb
...and really bad at following suggestions.

I’m beginning to think we’re lost, Mr. Book. We’ve been in this fog for what feels like… a really long time.

The guilder was grumbly and mumbly, Bird-Lady and the big guy burned the dead monk’s bodies and kept walkin’ through the fog.

I thought Rylik would’ve helped me kill one of the new guys, but he said somethin’ about ‘disliking us all equally’. It also didn’t help that the guilder heard me. So I tried to ask Bre, but Laurya told me to go ‘scout ahead’. Which is impossible to do in this stupid fog. I think they actually TRUST the guy.

We walked our way into some weird mutant monster things. They looked like giants with two heads, right? Except they had like some weird wings and feathers pokin’ out of ‘em like they were supposed to fly. I think they were so stupid that they crash-landed and broke their wings. I’m not kiddin’ — They’re REALLY stupid. They also spoke Giantish, which made it reaaaaaally easy to get them to do stuff I wanted… like kill the new guys. It was Esme’s idea, which was way better than just killin’ them myself.

At least, it would’ve. The dumb things are SO dumb, they couldn’t even do THAT right! Castagrin was barely being tickled by the things and the guilder just hid in the shadows like a sneaky cheat. I mean, sure, I hid up in a tree and stuff… but Bre was gettin’ hurt bad, so I told one of ‘em I had super tasty treats and I wasn’t gonna share with him. I thought he would try to pick up a rock and throw it at me, but he CLIMBED up the tree after me. These things were waaaaaay too dumb to live. It didn’t take long for us to kill ’em all.

Let that be a lesson, Mr. Book: two-headed giants make for really bad minions.


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