War of the Burning Sky

Entry #54 - Wherein Rylik Gets a New Arm
...and it's weird.

Stupid feather. I had to get another one.

Anyways, we managed to kill a bunch of those Ragesians, but Rylik did something… weird. He grabbed one of ‘em by the throat and started to crush it in his tentacle-y grip. I didn’t make that up, Mr. Book — He had a tentacle-y claw for an arm! He was a squidomancer!

I guess he was always a squidomancer, learning from his teacher and stuff… but he decided to put that learning to practice and made him…. something other than Rylik. He’s a lot more ‘kill-stab-bleed-death’ like Esme, and I dunno if I like it or not. I bet Asha and Breora don’t, from their faces when they saw that. Still, he’s on our side, so…. that’s something I guess?

We went deeper into the tunnels and met this shadowy knight guy. He didn’t say much… just attacked us and ran. We nearly had him pinned thanks to Rylik’s fancy magics, but he’s a slippery fish. Walkin’ even further, we had to be careful, because they put all these trip-wires everywhere under the fog coverin’ the floor. Nadia sure hates it — She tripped on the first one we came across! Still, we made our way further, when we got ambushed!

So w- th- (scribblings of a dry pen — once again)

Entry #53 - Wherein People Ask Us To Kill Things For Them
...and not get paid for it. Is this really 'Heroism'?

Hi Mr. Book! It’s a good thing you got so many pages: You’d be super full if you weren’t so fat! (I’m sorry I called you fat, but still, fat is good sometimes)

After the whole ‘monkey’ thing, we spent the next morning helpin’ Crystin and Torrent make a tent super-fancy. Since Laurabec got herself killed, Crystin’s been takin’ over for her (like a friend would, not like how a jerk would) which is pretty hard, since we haven’t gotten the Super-Temple built yet and it was all Laurabec’s idea. While we were helpin’ out, Torrent and her friends in the War apparently found a Ragesian hideout somewhere, and wanted us to kill ‘em. Nadia (or Natalie? Nadine? Natasha? She hasn’t figured out a secret identity yet for when she’s not a changeling, which is silly. I got like five names and it’s really cool!) asked for some payments, because killing people is fun and all, but it’s still pretty hard, especially if they holed up in an abandoned mine or someplace and had time to lay down all sorts of traps. I didn’t really worry about it, mostly because I knew they were gonna stiff us sayin’ ‘Heroes like yourself do this all the time for free, right?’ (which is true, but that don’t make it right) and because I was gettin’ bored without somethin’ to stab. The monkeys don’t count; stabbin’ animals always makes me feel sad inside.

Where was I?

Oh, right. Torrent and Vortbeard and everyone was like ‘Go kill those Ragesians’. So we went in with the help of a secret map, and managed to surprise a bunch of ‘em, especially with the help of some foggy steam. I guess it’s really close to the squidomancer’s tomb, so it’s pretty hot in here and there’s lots of steam. Esme says it’s ‘like a sauna’ which she says is a place where people go to sweat. Why would anybody go there? Sweating isn’t fun at all!

Anyways, we nearly finished killin’ them all, when one tried to get away. Breora chased him down and ran deeper into the caves, and found WAY more people than she wanted. Asha somehow knew it (Bre said she mind-pinged her about it) and told us to help her out. And we did!

So— s- W- n— l~ (scribblings of a dry pen — again)

Entry #52 - Wherein Monkey Dance
Also, Nadia also became a changeling? Or was always one?

Hello Mr. Book! Sorry about all the scribbles. Esme and I fought, but I got my way in the end.

So, what happened was that everyone knows about Esme now, so there’s no reason to have to be sneaky about it now. Everyone was …kinda okay with it? I think Asha and Rylik still don’t understand, but that’s okay.

We went to this fancy-schmancy dinner on Mr. Headmaster’s dime, and we had all sorts of tasty stuff! I really liked the fish, but I think everyone else hit the drinks pretty hard. Esme says that stuff makes you less sharp, and I like my dagger super-sharp. Either way, Nadia REALLY got deep into her drink and changed into an elf! Everyone thought they were really drunk or something, but it was Nadia: she was actually a changeling (at least that’s what she said she is, which sounds easier on the tongue instead of doubleganger). Kind of a shame she didn’t find out before; I wouldn’t have had to carry her so much! It’s kinda weird, she looks like a creepy doll with twigs for arms and stuff… but she’s still Nadia. And that’s all that matters.

After the dinner, we napped and went to see Doug that morning. He was super-excited to show us the box thing we got for him earlier: the Duodenum! I guess it’s really a library in a box that can be used to dominate stuffs. I thought it was like a weird music box that made the monkeys his friend, but it was really EVIL. Mind-warping stuff like that is NOT GOOD. Worse, the monkeys got a hold of the box and knocked Doug out! We were gonna be MONKEYFIED. It was a good thing we got the box back and shut it off before anything bad happened. Doug said he was sorry, but I didn’t like the box thing. At least it was just monkeys that had the box and not the Ragesians. Blech!

Entry #51 - Wherein We Prepared to Leave
...and then things happened

Hi Mr. Book! We k Wait, nearly spoiled the story~

So, we left the prison to head back to Lyceum, right? On our way back, the storm turned into a giant storm of lots of lightning and wind, and we got jumped by the guy we were looking for: LEE SQUIDOMANCER. He summoned up a couple of flying statues and even brought along his pet squid to try and kill us. We were kinda tossed about like some bits of meat in a big bowl of soup, which was not fun. I think Rylik got dragged down REALLY far underwater by the squid. I got clocked (not with an real clock, but a metaf metta I got hit really hard) by one of the statues and I couldn’t really see straight for most of the fight. Esme kinda had to take the Asha tried to keep the squidomancer’s minions at bay as Breora and Nadia managed to teleport to dry land and take the fight to Lee. Rylik was nearly ripped to shreds by the statues after he escaped the squid’s tentacle embrace, but he foolishly goaded them on in an effort to draw them from their master. It worked, admittably… but blind faith in others is often the downfall of a would-be hero. He should be thankful we were there to end the fight quickly.

After we struck the killing blow, he tried a last-ditch effort to kill us all; by commanding the storm to tear us asunder, as his very body was turned to dust in the wind. Breora fumbled about with the control rod before finally commanding the storm to cease. We barely managed to escape with our lives, all for the sake of some worthless city. If we had let the storm run its course, we could have but it was worth it!

So anyways, on our way back to Seaquen, the giant eagle that Laurabec owned(the Owlki Aquiline Cross lady we helped make the super-temple with) flew by and met up with us. He had Laurabec’s ‘ranseur’, which I guess is a fancy word for pointy stick. I guess she helped out a lot of people escape the storm, but she got swept up in some waves and probably died. Since we helped stop the storm, he said that made us just as heroic. There was lots of hurt people and destroyed boats and stuff, especially the Shahalesti ones that came by. I hope the princess didn’t get hurt; she seemed nice. Since Mr. Takasi (the giant eagle we were talking with) lost his master, he said he was going to die someplace. I thought that was kinda stupid, but Esme said that we should let him go. A bird that was that sad wasn’t gonna help us anytime soon anyways.

When we finally got to Seaquen, everyone decided that Ragesia was a big problem and that they had to do something about it. A little late to decide that, but some people are slow thinkers, I guess. Since winter is about to end near Gate Pass, the bad guys are gonna start trying to make their way to Seaquen and the rest of Dassen. From what a bunch of people are saying, I guess King Steppenwolf nearly got assassinated. The Headmaster said we probably should go to Dassen and see if we could get the King to help us stop the Ragesians. I dunno, but I don’t think he’d be ready to talk to people after he nearly got killed; no matter how famous we are.

Oh, we’re also SUPER FAMOUS. (Eat that, Giorgio!) Everyone is super-nice and gives us tasty treats and other stuffs… I don’t even have to steal stuff to get cool stuff anymore! Esme wasn’t too sold on everything, though; she was still super nervous about spies hiding behind friendly faces and that kinda thing. She worries too But we can’t be too careful.

The ‘noble leaders’ of Seaquen directed us to search the squidomancer’s old home, in case there was any mention of the master he mentioned in his dying breath. We managed to break into the lower-level labs that he kept away from us before. There were a few quality items that were better off in our hands, but one interesting bit of information was a small case with a note from a person named ‘Cai’. Apparently, the ’master’s army’ is continuing to grow, and the new passcode to ‘approach the mount’ is ‘Eshu’. The letters seems to allude to the existance of a book of biomantic secrets that was supposed to be sent to Rylik’s master… a most intriguing piece of information. Their latest ‘creations’ are supposed to be suited to the frozen tundra and causing hell for wizards and mages alike with just their touch. Considering our current… aquaint That’s probably bad for Breora and Rylik… But we killed a squidomancer! We should be fine.

We got about a week before the Headmaster says we should probably head out. In the meanwhile, we’re supposed to rest up and see if any of the students at Lyceum can help make us any magic stuff we might need… for some gold, of course. Magic-making stuff probably costs a lot.

Either way, I’m super excited to meet th We should take what we can and But wh
(the rest is illegible as it is frantically scratched out…)

Entry #50 - Wherein Beryl Meets Leska
...sort of

We checked out the rest of the place, and found this prisoner guy locked up in a cage. He said that he could work a fancy-lookin’ machine that was also in the cave next to him to heal us up, since he saw the Ragesians use it to patch themselves up. Esme didn’t trust him, but Asha was beat up pretty bad. Strange thing was, when we used it, I saw some weird vision with a pretty scary lookin’ castle and Leska was there! She tapped us on the head to ‘give us her blessing’. It healed us up, but it felt like it was… I dunno. Cold? Empty? It wasn’t a good feeling. I don’t think she realized it wasn’t Ragesians she was helping until the last second, where we broke out of the vision. Either way, we didn’t really feel like using the machine again.

The prisoner guy said that there was an Inquisitor in here, torturing some poor lady. Asha and Breora really didn’t like that, so we burst in on him and got to fighting him and his buddies. Turns out, it was that guy that nearly killed us just outside Seaquen before Xevious scared him off! Of course, since we got the jump on him this time, he was pretty much dead in the water. I really wanted to kill him (and so did everyone else) but he was a coward and didn’t want to chance us takin’ him alive, so he tore out his own throat. Ah well. The lady was okay, but she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We figured we still had to track down Lee, since we haven’t found him yet.

We found a bedroom somewhere, and this big black orb thing was sitting on a desk. We didn’t really know what it was, but Rylik and Breora figured it had to do with the giant storm in Seaquen. Problem was, we needed the ‘control wand’ to stop the storm, and Lee had it.

We looked around trying to figure out if there was another way out besides the way we came in, and couldn’t find anything besides the trapped doors with lava. I looked at the lock and figured it was REALLY hard to open up. But whatever was behind it HAD to have good treasure, right? I got out my lucky lockpick and tried to trick it open. Eventually, I got it to open up (after getting dipped in lava) and could enter the INNER SANCTUM OF THE SQUIDOMANCER’S TOMB. Asha and Breora opened up the sarcou sarcof sarcophagus (I had to ask Rylik how to spell that) and got exploded. We got some really nifty stuff out of it, though!

We’re gonna back-track out of the tomb and the prison, so we could talk to the wizards at Lyceum and ask for some more help to tracking down Lee. Maybe they can use the fancy orb to figure out a way or other.

Entry #49 - Wherein Some Ragesians Surrender
...and probably regretted it

Movin’ through the underwater prison, Asha got caught by some squidmen and got dragged underwater. Breora and Nadia dived in to help her get out, while Rylik used his magicky stuff to confuse the squidmen so we could stab them super-easy. And between you n’ me, Mr. Book, it probably woulda been hell to kill those squidmen otherwise. Maybe I should learn some finger-waggly stuff…

We found a strange slide that held the water back from higher up, making it so we don’t have to keep swimming around in stupid water. Which is good, because at the bottom of the slide is a bunch of fire and lava and stuff. Swimming around in boiling water doesn’t sound fun. We crossed a lava river by a big stone bridge and got to this big building, where the Ragesians were holing up. I guess we forgot about being sneaky, because when Asha opened up the door, she got shot with tons of arrows. Between her, Rylik and Breora, they pretty much all died except for two of ‘em. I wanted to keep playing, but they dropped their weapons and surrendered. Which was kinda dumb, considerin’ what happened later.

There were two doors on either side of this big ol’ dragon statue head. I walked through its mouth and some darkness to find a super-secret door with some glowin’ runes on it. I was really curious, but also REALLY scared if it was trapped like the mimic. Nadia… was more curious than scared, I guess, and tried to open the door. She started yellin’ and stuff and ran out of the room (because the rest of us were outside, we didn’t really see what happened…but I’m guessin’ it had somethin’ to do with lava). Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to leave those knocked out Ragesians in that room… Breora wasn’t too happy about that. It made Esme laugh, though, which is good. Hehe~

Entry #48 - Wherein Skellymans Explode
Like, a lot of them

I actually found something in the mimic! I stepped on its tongue and a bottle rolled out of its dead body. Panroar thought it might’ve been left behind by his mom, so he opened it up and read it. I guess it was super important, because he said he had to chase down his new lead right away, even with the huge storm outside. Ah well, more loot for me~

Speakin’ of loot, Breora found out about the stuff I found in the room with the squids and the weird turtle (it was a secret, Mr. Book, I couldn’t tell even you!). I had to give up the fancy telescopy stick to Rylik and the headband thing to Breora. But I kept the best one for me. It’s sharper than my other dagger, and it looks super cool too!

Anyways, we had to go deeper into the prison, where there were lots of skellymans in the jail cells ahead of us. A bunch of ‘em were shackled, but Breora was still kinda nervous about it. We shouldn’t have been surprised when they got up and charged us, but MAN they move fast in the water. Like if they were skellyfish that threw up nasty looking bubbles at us. Rylik blew up half of ‘em with some shadowy magic stuff, and Asha blew up most of the rest with some fancy light magic. It was pretty easy for us to mop up the rest. Still, Esme was really angry about our kill count not being so impressive anymore. We’ll have to get like twice as many people just to fix it!

Entry #47 - Wherein Beryl Shoots After Asking Questions
It's just rude otherwise~

The Squidomancer’s Tomb! From what everyone found out about the place, it’s actually underneath an old prison that’s now super-flooded with water. I dunno if it was like that before the storm came to Seaquen, or if it was always that wet. Probably not, because that’d be a crummy place to work and lock up bad guys. Either way, Lee is probably hiding out here, and the biomancified squids kinda clinches it. Squidomancer’s Tomb? Lee Squidomancer? Squidomanced SQUIDS?! They should rename Seaquen into something like Seasquid Squidquen Sque it was funny joke that sounded better in my head. Don’t laugh, Mr. Book; it’s just not as funny as I thought it woulda been.

We found a bit of loot squirreled (or squidded?) away in one of the rooms, and I found a lever in another one full of broken-up boxes. I pulled it a bunch of times but I don’t think it did anything. Panroar and Nadia found some old bottles of booze and a chest that was probably full of loot. I checked it out and it didn’t have any traps as far as I coulda saw, but the finger-wagglers were a bit iffy about it. They sensed some sorta magic ‘in’ the chest, and either it was a magic trap or something magic inside the chest. I was kinda scared it was a magic trap (they’re the worst, Mr. Book) so I figured I’d shoot it with an arrow to see what would happen. Now that I think about it, I probably shoulda waited for everyone to clear the room in case it was an exploding spell. It was kinda funny looking at everyone’s faces when they heard that thunk, though!

I guess the chest didn’t like it, because it got up and grew tentacles and tried to eat us! Esme said it was a Mimic. It’s like a really good spy that’s great at disguising itself as stuff but pretty stupid otherwise. It was pretty tough, though. After we burned and poked and sliced and stabbed it to death, I thought it might have eaten some treasure, so I opened it up and looked around. Mimic guts kinda burns when you dig around in them, so I think whatever it ate is gone. Oh well…

Entry #46 - Wherein Backstabbery Happens
#45 is a stupid number, anyways...

Stupid feather. Dunno why people like quills so much; can’t tell if when it runs out of ink. Anyways…

So then we killed Giorgio and all his friends on the stairs. I guess he was making the boat teleport super-far-away and kill everyone on it, which is why I TOTALLY knew there was a set-up. Called it.

Anyways, the headmaster did some magic-y stuff to the dead bodies and found that the SQUIDOMANCER planned the whole thing. Torrent was surprised and not at all happy about it, since she was taught by the guy. Ah well; just means more people to play with and not care if they get back up again.

We went to the guy’s house, but he wasn’t there (obviously running from us and stuff). We had to stop some stupid people trying to pick a fight with the Shahalesti ships in the middle of the storm (People are really stupid) and try to track down where the squidomancer could’ve gone. Eventually, the storm got so bad we had to go back to Lyceum so our search party could take the mages back for shelter. For some reason, the storm didn’t affect us, and Doug (the dwarf we gave the cube to) knew why: Remember those orbs back in the swamp that the Ragesians had? And when we turned blue when we got zapped? Apparently, it made us impe imprev the storm hates the color blue. Or likes it so much it doesn’t want to blow it around? I dunno.

So, we tracked down where the headmaster thought Lee could’ve disappeared to: the Squidomancer’s Tomb! Perfect name, too. We’re gonna see what’s in side. Nadia’s a bit on edge, since the last time she was in a bunch of water, she nearly died. Scared of water AND fire? Madness!

Entry #44 - Wherein Katrina Spoils Everything
Well, maybe not EVERYTHING...

So, in the morning, Rylik wanted to head over to some ‘biomancer’ and learn from the guy for some reason. His name was Pair-o’-Dumb Dogwood, which is a really weird name for a really weird guy (I think he hangs out with Lee). I guess his ancestors created the owlbear, which is exactly what it sounds like. He also can change people like their faces or their eye color or anything really, which is kinda creepy. He doesn’t know why my one eye is red, either. He just likes changing stuff. Anyways, Rylik paid a bit of gold to learn from the guy for some reason. Maybe he doesn’t like being a drow? I guess that’s understandable, since not a lot of people like drow for some reason.

After all that, we got invited to come to a big meeting with the important people of Seaquen, like the Headmaster of Lyceum, Mr. Voltbeard (who we helped solved the case of the flammable rats), Lee Squid-o-Mancer, Xavious Foebane, Laurabec of the Aquilline Cross, Giorgio (the fancy-pants guy that deserves to be stabbed!) and some diplomats from the other nations. They talked about a bunch of boring stuff about how to defend Seaquen from Ragesia and how to beat them. Giorgio wasn’t a jerk for once, and gave everyone a ticket to an awesome play, in a show of good-feelings-ness. Rylik and Panroar were kinda iffy about it, thinking it smelled of a set-up (it totally does, but at least they’ll be a show!). Katrina (the fire-mage guilder) also was there, and she was actually kinda nice by introducing us to everyone and saying how awesome we are by helping everyone and how good we are at killing things or getting stuff done. There was also something about the Torch of the Burning Sky (Someone thinks it might still be in Coaltongue’s castle, since apparently it started raining fire like non-stop around it).

THEN some stupid guy from Ostalin had the gall to put the squeeze on everyone, saying they’ll help out if they give up a third of their land instead of letting Ragesia have it all. So everyone got all upset and everyone started yelling.

THEN someone barged in, saying that some people from Shahalesti arrived, and everyone got even MORE upset. I didn’t really understand why; sure, they’re kinda snooty and arrogant with that ‘Cherry-yell D’Wrathee’ that they tried to put on us just outside the swamps, but Breora’s one of ‘em, so they can’t all be bad. Anyways, they were led by the daughter of the Shahalesti king (or lord or master or whatever) who wanted to present their offer of an alliance. Asha and Breora were pretty happy to hear about that, but the rest of the people in the meeting got angry when she asked for control of Seaquen. Even so, Shalosha (that’s her name) seemed nice and wanted to make a compr better deal as soon as she met back with her father. Eventually.

I remembered I still had a ticket to the show and she didn’t, so I tried to give it to her, since it was a way for everyone to be united and stuff. Everyone else wanted her to go away and leave them alone, so I didn’t really have much of a chance to say much. Ah well.

After all of that, the Headmaster called on us and asked us what we wanted. All of us were kinda stuck in the spotlight, so Katrina kinda pushed us in the right direction, saying we’re awesome and stuff. Asha and I asked if they could try to help Gate Pass (since Bre and I made it all the way here to try and help ‘em out) and if they could spare some extra cash or stuff so we could go on super-secret missions to defeat the Ragesians. Natural-like, the Headmaster told us they’ll need to find allies first before they can save Gate Pass, but they have it on their to-do list. At the very least, we got a week to burn before the show on the Royale (the Wayfarer’s boat, and nothing to do with royalty. Whoops).

OH CRAP. I remembered I wrote down something about the Royale! That’s where the Ragesian guy we captured said he was hoping to meet Nobblekat there! After the show, we should do some investigatory stuffs! Thanks, Mr. Book!

It’s a week after that big meeting thing, and we went off with Katrina to go see the show! Rylik and Panroar were still expecting for something to pop up and stab everyone in the back, but I just was lookin’ around for somethin’ to snack on during the show. Kat actually saw the show once already, so at least she’d warn us if anything funny was going on.

The show itself was AMAZING. There was this geomancer (a land mage or something) who fought a big dragon! He fought it off once, and traveled to all sorts of places to fight monsters, make friends with some other mages and become stronger to take down the dragon once and for all. But one day, he saw this HUGE eagle crash into the desert! It sent feathers EVERYWHERE (Kat and I both have one now!). The geomancer was about to die, when this lady appeared out of nowhere and started praying for help. The dragon got scared off, and the two people fell in love. For some reason. If I was gonna fall in love with someone, it wouldn’t be some wizard. They’re pretty flimsy and tend to be a bit scared when I play with my toys.

ANYWAYS, they fell in love and were about to live happily ever after when the geomancer remembered he still had to save the world. He left his girlfriend, and fought some more monsters and stuff to find a fancy jewel. His girlfriend eventually had a kid, also met those mages the geomancer met before and the kid got ‘blessed’ and the mages swore to help the geomancer save the world because saving the world is super important.

The mages followed the geomancer and caught up with him as he started fighting the dragon, trying to suck up the dragon’s soul in that gem he found (I want a gem like that). But the dragon was too strong and he killed the geomancer and broke the gem! So sad…

Kat started to spoil the plot, which kinda made some people like Panroar angry, who wanted to watch the show without having it ruined. I guess the geomancer’s kid daughter grew up and was going to kill the dragon to avenge her dad. In fact the whole play was ‘one big alligatory’ and was actually about all of the nations (all the mages) joining forces to fight the dragon (or Ragesia). She wasn’t super-impressed by the story, but she liked the show anyways, especially the fancy effects like the eagle-crash. Then, some lady got really angry and told Kat to stop talking and ruining the play for everyone. They got into a little fight, and I felt kinda bad about it. Then, we saw Giorgio wiping blood off of himself while he went up some stairs. It looked REALLY suspicious, so we followed him up to find out what was going on.

So th- w- [scribblings of a dry pen]


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