War of the Burning Sky

Entry #49 - Wherein Some Ragesians Surrender
...and probably regretted it

Movin’ through the underwater prison, Asha got caught by some squidmen and got dragged underwater. Breora and Nadia dived in to help her get out, while Rylik used his magicky stuff to confuse the squidmen so we could stab them super-easy. And between you n’ me, Mr. Book, it probably woulda been hell to kill those squidmen otherwise. Maybe I should learn some finger-waggly stuff…

We found a strange slide that held the water back from higher up, making it so we don’t have to keep swimming around in stupid water. Which is good, because at the bottom of the slide is a bunch of fire and lava and stuff. Swimming around in boiling water doesn’t sound fun. We crossed a lava river by a big stone bridge and got to this big building, where the Ragesians were holing up. I guess we forgot about being sneaky, because when Asha opened up the door, she got shot with tons of arrows. Between her, Rylik and Breora, they pretty much all died except for two of ‘em. I wanted to keep playing, but they dropped their weapons and surrendered. Which was kinda dumb, considerin’ what happened later.

There were two doors on either side of this big ol’ dragon statue head. I walked through its mouth and some darkness to find a super-secret door with some glowin’ runes on it. I was really curious, but also REALLY scared if it was trapped like the mimic. Nadia… was more curious than scared, I guess, and tried to open the door. She started yellin’ and stuff and ran out of the room (because the rest of us were outside, we didn’t really see what happened…but I’m guessin’ it had somethin’ to do with lava). Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to leave those knocked out Ragesians in that room… Breora wasn’t too happy about that. It made Esme laugh, though, which is good. Hehe~

Entry #48 - Wherein Skellymans Explode
Like, a lot of them

I actually found something in the mimic! I stepped on its tongue and a bottle rolled out of its dead body. Panroar thought it might’ve been left behind by his mom, so he opened it up and read it. I guess it was super important, because he said he had to chase down his new lead right away, even with the huge storm outside. Ah well, more loot for me~

Speakin’ of loot, Breora found out about the stuff I found in the room with the squids and the weird turtle (it was a secret, Mr. Book, I couldn’t tell even you!). I had to give up the fancy telescopy stick to Rylik and the headband thing to Breora. But I kept the best one for me. It’s sharper than my other dagger, and it looks super cool too!

Anyways, we had to go deeper into the prison, where there were lots of skellymans in the jail cells ahead of us. A bunch of ‘em were shackled, but Breora was still kinda nervous about it. We shouldn’t have been surprised when they got up and charged us, but MAN they move fast in the water. Like if they were skellyfish that threw up nasty looking bubbles at us. Rylik blew up half of ‘em with some shadowy magic stuff, and Asha blew up most of the rest with some fancy light magic. It was pretty easy for us to mop up the rest. Still, Esme was really angry about our kill count not being so impressive anymore. We’ll have to get like twice as many people just to fix it!

Entry #47 - Wherein Beryl Shoots After Asking Questions
It's just rude otherwise~

The Squidomancer’s Tomb! From what everyone found out about the place, it’s actually underneath an old prison that’s now super-flooded with water. I dunno if it was like that before the storm came to Seaquen, or if it was always that wet. Probably not, because that’d be a crummy place to work and lock up bad guys. Either way, Lee is probably hiding out here, and the biomancified squids kinda clinches it. Squidomancer’s Tomb? Lee Squidomancer? Squidomanced SQUIDS?! They should rename Seaquen into something like Seasquid Squidquen Sque it was funny joke that sounded better in my head. Don’t laugh, Mr. Book; it’s just not as funny as I thought it woulda been.

We found a bit of loot squirreled (or squidded?) away in one of the rooms, and I found a lever in another one full of broken-up boxes. I pulled it a bunch of times but I don’t think it did anything. Panroar and Nadia found some old bottles of booze and a chest that was probably full of loot. I checked it out and it didn’t have any traps as far as I coulda saw, but the finger-wagglers were a bit iffy about it. They sensed some sorta magic ‘in’ the chest, and either it was a magic trap or something magic inside the chest. I was kinda scared it was a magic trap (they’re the worst, Mr. Book) so I figured I’d shoot it with an arrow to see what would happen. Now that I think about it, I probably shoulda waited for everyone to clear the room in case it was an exploding spell. It was kinda funny looking at everyone’s faces when they heard that thunk, though!

I guess the chest didn’t like it, because it got up and grew tentacles and tried to eat us! Esme said it was a Mimic. It’s like a really good spy that’s great at disguising itself as stuff but pretty stupid otherwise. It was pretty tough, though. After we burned and poked and sliced and stabbed it to death, I thought it might have eaten some treasure, so I opened it up and looked around. Mimic guts kinda burns when you dig around in them, so I think whatever it ate is gone. Oh well…

Entry #46 - Wherein Backstabbery Happens
#45 is a stupid number, anyways...

Stupid feather. Dunno why people like quills so much; can’t tell if when it runs out of ink. Anyways…

So then we killed Giorgio and all his friends on the stairs. I guess he was making the boat teleport super-far-away and kill everyone on it, which is why I TOTALLY knew there was a set-up. Called it.

Anyways, the headmaster did some magic-y stuff to the dead bodies and found that the SQUIDOMANCER planned the whole thing. Torrent was surprised and not at all happy about it, since she was taught by the guy. Ah well; just means more people to play with and not care if they get back up again.

We went to the guy’s house, but he wasn’t there (obviously running from us and stuff). We had to stop some stupid people trying to pick a fight with the Shahalesti ships in the middle of the storm (People are really stupid) and try to track down where the squidomancer could’ve gone. Eventually, the storm got so bad we had to go back to Lyceum so our search party could take the mages back for shelter. For some reason, the storm didn’t affect us, and Doug (the dwarf we gave the cube to) knew why: Remember those orbs back in the swamp that the Ragesians had? And when we turned blue when we got zapped? Apparently, it made us impe imprev the storm hates the color blue. Or likes it so much it doesn’t want to blow it around? I dunno.

So, we tracked down where the headmaster thought Lee could’ve disappeared to: the Squidomancer’s Tomb! Perfect name, too. We’re gonna see what’s in side. Nadia’s a bit on edge, since the last time she was in a bunch of water, she nearly died. Scared of water AND fire? Madness!

Entry #44 - Wherein Katrina Spoils Everything
Well, maybe not EVERYTHING...

So, in the morning, Rylik wanted to head over to some ‘biomancer’ and learn from the guy for some reason. His name was Pair-o’-Dumb Dogwood, which is a really weird name for a really weird guy (I think he hangs out with Lee). I guess his ancestors created the owlbear, which is exactly what it sounds like. He also can change people like their faces or their eye color or anything really, which is kinda creepy. He doesn’t know why my one eye is red, either. He just likes changing stuff. Anyways, Rylik paid a bit of gold to learn from the guy for some reason. Maybe he doesn’t like being a drow? I guess that’s understandable, since not a lot of people like drow for some reason.

After all that, we got invited to come to a big meeting with the important people of Seaquen, like the Headmaster of Lyceum, Mr. Voltbeard (who we helped solved the case of the flammable rats), Lee Squid-o-Mancer, Xavious Foebane, Laurabec of the Aquilline Cross, Giorgio (the fancy-pants guy that deserves to be stabbed!) and some diplomats from the other nations. They talked about a bunch of boring stuff about how to defend Seaquen from Ragesia and how to beat them. Giorgio wasn’t a jerk for once, and gave everyone a ticket to an awesome play, in a show of good-feelings-ness. Rylik and Panroar were kinda iffy about it, thinking it smelled of a set-up (it totally does, but at least they’ll be a show!). Katrina (the fire-mage guilder) also was there, and she was actually kinda nice by introducing us to everyone and saying how awesome we are by helping everyone and how good we are at killing things or getting stuff done. There was also something about the Torch of the Burning Sky (Someone thinks it might still be in Coaltongue’s castle, since apparently it started raining fire like non-stop around it).

THEN some stupid guy from Ostalin had the gall to put the squeeze on everyone, saying they’ll help out if they give up a third of their land instead of letting Ragesia have it all. So everyone got all upset and everyone started yelling.

THEN someone barged in, saying that some people from Shahalesti arrived, and everyone got even MORE upset. I didn’t really understand why; sure, they’re kinda snooty and arrogant with that ‘Cherry-yell D’Wrathee’ that they tried to put on us just outside the swamps, but Breora’s one of ‘em, so they can’t all be bad. Anyways, they were led by the daughter of the Shahalesti king (or lord or master or whatever) who wanted to present their offer of an alliance. Asha and Breora were pretty happy to hear about that, but the rest of the people in the meeting got angry when she asked for control of Seaquen. Even so, Shalosha (that’s her name) seemed nice and wanted to make a compr better deal as soon as she met back with her father. Eventually.

I remembered I still had a ticket to the show and she didn’t, so I tried to give it to her, since it was a way for everyone to be united and stuff. Everyone else wanted her to go away and leave them alone, so I didn’t really have much of a chance to say much. Ah well.

After all of that, the Headmaster called on us and asked us what we wanted. All of us were kinda stuck in the spotlight, so Katrina kinda pushed us in the right direction, saying we’re awesome and stuff. Asha and I asked if they could try to help Gate Pass (since Bre and I made it all the way here to try and help ‘em out) and if they could spare some extra cash or stuff so we could go on super-secret missions to defeat the Ragesians. Natural-like, the Headmaster told us they’ll need to find allies first before they can save Gate Pass, but they have it on their to-do list. At the very least, we got a week to burn before the show on the Royale (the Wayfarer’s boat, and nothing to do with royalty. Whoops).

OH CRAP. I remembered I wrote down something about the Royale! That’s where the Ragesian guy we captured said he was hoping to meet Nobblekat there! After the show, we should do some investigatory stuffs! Thanks, Mr. Book!

It’s a week after that big meeting thing, and we went off with Katrina to go see the show! Rylik and Panroar were still expecting for something to pop up and stab everyone in the back, but I just was lookin’ around for somethin’ to snack on during the show. Kat actually saw the show once already, so at least she’d warn us if anything funny was going on.

The show itself was AMAZING. There was this geomancer (a land mage or something) who fought a big dragon! He fought it off once, and traveled to all sorts of places to fight monsters, make friends with some other mages and become stronger to take down the dragon once and for all. But one day, he saw this HUGE eagle crash into the desert! It sent feathers EVERYWHERE (Kat and I both have one now!). The geomancer was about to die, when this lady appeared out of nowhere and started praying for help. The dragon got scared off, and the two people fell in love. For some reason. If I was gonna fall in love with someone, it wouldn’t be some wizard. They’re pretty flimsy and tend to be a bit scared when I play with my toys.

ANYWAYS, they fell in love and were about to live happily ever after when the geomancer remembered he still had to save the world. He left his girlfriend, and fought some more monsters and stuff to find a fancy jewel. His girlfriend eventually had a kid, also met those mages the geomancer met before and the kid got ‘blessed’ and the mages swore to help the geomancer save the world because saving the world is super important.

The mages followed the geomancer and caught up with him as he started fighting the dragon, trying to suck up the dragon’s soul in that gem he found (I want a gem like that). But the dragon was too strong and he killed the geomancer and broke the gem! So sad…

Kat started to spoil the plot, which kinda made some people like Panroar angry, who wanted to watch the show without having it ruined. I guess the geomancer’s kid daughter grew up and was going to kill the dragon to avenge her dad. In fact the whole play was ‘one big alligatory’ and was actually about all of the nations (all the mages) joining forces to fight the dragon (or Ragesia). She wasn’t super-impressed by the story, but she liked the show anyways, especially the fancy effects like the eagle-crash. Then, some lady got really angry and told Kat to stop talking and ruining the play for everyone. They got into a little fight, and I felt kinda bad about it. Then, we saw Giorgio wiping blood off of himself while he went up some stairs. It looked REALLY suspicious, so we followed him up to find out what was going on.

So th- w- [scribblings of a dry pen]

Entry #43 - Wherein Beryl Auditions to Become Famous
Ten outta ten!

Breora wanted to head over to the library so she could read up on why she can do that head-talking thing with us. The others also had stuff to read up on, so we headed over. We heard a bunch of stuff about the war, mostly about Ragesia spreading out their forces and attacking everything. I wasn’t really listening. When we got to the library, we ran into Tiljann and the gnome who promised us treasure but we didn’t find anything (Gopher, I think his name was.) They said they were going to head over to the Wayfarers and check out a show, maybe. Since there wasn’t much else to do, we headed on over.

There was this fancy-pants guy talking about a lot of stuff and saying he could make us famous. I wanted to be famous! He led us onto the Wayfarer’s boat where there’s a big stage and told us to audition for him and his two bosses. The others tried to do some magic-y stuff or tell stories. I went for pizz-azz — I did some super dangerous stuff WAY up high on a tiny wire. He said some really mean stuff like ’I’ve seen monkeys do better than that’ or ‘Yawn — Magnificent way to screw that up’. He deserves to be stabbed for saying that kinda stuff.

Then Tiljann got up and sang about Anyariel, that one elf hero from the fire forest. She was the only one that managed to get that stupid guy to clap for her. I still think I coulda got the lead part, but then again, I guess I’d have less time to stab people. Gotta remember the important things.

Anyways, we visited Xavious Foebane (the commander-soldier-guy that scared the inquisitor away) and he was having troubles with some goblin tribe attacking the caravans coming into Seaquen. Asha was like ‘Goblins are evil; thus they must die’ and the others were like ’Aren’t you supposed to be a bit nicer than that?’ I see where she’s kinda comin’ from; stabbing things is fun! But you can’t just kill a whole tribe; you can only take out the head and hope that’s enough. Either way, we went down to talk to them. The chief was too scared to talk to us and actually ran away while his wife did all the talking for the tribe. What a loser.

We eventually made a deal and got them to help out the city. Xavious was happy to hear about it, although he didn’t like the thought of goblins walking about town like normal people. What’s wrong with that? I mean, we’re walking about town and we got some pretty scary looking people with us. Except for me, of course; I’m not scary at all.

Welp, time to head to the inn and sleep. Here’s hopin’ tomorrow’s a better day!

Entry #42 - Wherein Beryl Goes Egg-Hunting
Also, thief-hunting. Basically a lot of hunting

I had a REALLY good nap last night. Felt like I slept for weeks!

When we woke up, Rhakesh was already up and talking to some other dragonborn named Panroar. He kinda reminds me of mushroom-soup-dragon-sorcerer guy because he has a magic stick instead of a big axe. Rylik seems to like him, but I dunno. He seems sketchy to me. Rhakesh said he was going to join us since he was going to join the Seaquen guard and help out there instead of staying with us. I didn’t like the idea, but he gave me his shiny necklace that lets you talk Elfish. I’ll let him live for now~

Speaking of letting things live, we went to the green dragon to kill it. At least, until Breora said all we really needed was the lyre. The others got talkin’ and figured if we can make a deal with it to get the lyre, we’ll be golden. I didn’t like it at first, since green dragons like to trick people and lie about stuff (at least, that’s what Esme says). When we talked to it, she was pretty angry since someone stole an egg from her. THAT’S when I had a plan: Get the egg and the thief, and trade it for the lyre!

It was kinda hard to convince the dragon that we wanted to make a deal. She was pretty set on killing us for a bit, but Breora and Panroar were pretty quick to talk her down. I thought about killing the dragon, then killing the thief and raising the dragon-egg to become AWESOME PET OF DOOM but I don’t think Asha or Breora would’ve liked that idea. That and eventual-baby-dragon-rebellion.

So we found the thief (some kinda Duke of the refugees?) in the camps outside town trying to sell it in the black market. Stupid thieves — I hate them, Mr. Book! Stab one if you ever see one, because they’re bad people. Okay? Anyways, I started to try to trick him to ‘show me his sources’ except he was stingy as hell (I thought Maelros would go for at least 3000 gold, but he only offered like 500! Cheap bastard). I was about to stab him and ‘knock him out’ (blood loss does that, right?) but Rylik scared him enough to make the stupid thief faint. I think the guy was just lucky enough to steal the damn egg when Mama dragon was out if Rylik could do that.

Anyways, we got back to the dragon and gave her the thief and egg. She was happy to see us so soon (I think. Or hungry.) and lent us the lyre for a month. I can’t really remember WHY Laurabec needed the lyre but whatever. She was happy to get it and start building her super-temple.

Welp, I think that’s about it for now. It’s been a pretty eventful day. Lemme look back and see if I wrote down anything. This is why you’re so useful, Mr. Book!

Hmmm. Other than waiting for people to decode all of the ‘secret intelligence’, we forgot about Nobblekat, WAY back when we saved Katrina from the swamp witches! He was the guy that was dealing with the witches and was a Ragesian spy! He’s probably hiding in the city. That and this ‘Guthwulf’ person we found out from Jezska the devil-person that’s sneaking MORE Ragesians into the city! We gotta find one of ‘em and stab ’em dead! Probably. Depends if we can even find a decent trail; we’ve been in the city for awhile and haven’t found much of anything… Then again, we really haven’t had much time to explore the city itself. Like the big ship in the middle of the harbor! There’s actually a bit to do, now I think about it.

Thanks again, Mr. Book! I’ll write again later!

Entry #41 - Wherein There's a Lot of Talking
And not even a single person gets stabbed

We pretty much spent the whole day talking to all the priesty people. A lot of ‘em were pretty partial to animals like bears and cats and wyverns, for some reason. They have good taste. Except the wyvern guy, Ricky. He was pretty much the only one not sold on the ’Super-Temple’ idea. Ah well.
There were some things I had to do to ‘convince’ ‘em to join in. Like pretend to have a super-long ’lineage’ or steal a book (not that’d I’d ever steal YOU Mr. Book! Unless someone else stole you, then I’d steal you back!)… It was kinda fun!

Anyways, Laurabec was surprise that we got so many people to change their mind on it. Heck, after everyone got together to figure out how to make the Super-Temple, even Ricky came since he didn’t want to be left out. He may be picky, but people need to learn to put things aside for ‘the betterment of everyone else’. Esme just thinks it’s just a bunch of silly words, but it sure makes things easier sometimes.

While we had dinner with everyone, Laurabec’s Super-Temple Friends (the name needs work) started talking about some lyre that a dragon kept in her lair, and they asked us to go find it. Now, I like music and everything, but I don’t think poking around a green dragon is smart. Still, it would be neat to see one up close, or even kill one!

I’ll write again tomorrow, Mr. Book. It’ll be a rough day, I’m guessin’…

Entry #40 - Wherein Beryl Helps Create a Super-Temple
Way bigger than a normal temple!

We left that morning to go talk to Laurabec, but Tiljann kept drawing attention to her with her faerie-ness. A gnome called Gopher suddenly started singing some song and Tiljann joined in. Apparently, Gopher met with Ettin-nifty, some fancy-seela-bard-who-super-legendary-or-something. Tiljann really wanted to meet him, but he was never seen again after going to some underwater temple. So, we figured we can go find the temple and see what happened to him, and not at all because there might be treasure in an underwater temple.

We had to look for a bit, but it wasn’t too hard to find. We used the underwater-breathing scroll Gopher had to search inside, and we were surprised to find air in the main chamber. It was like a giant bubble or something. Oh, and there were weird squids and crabs inside. There was even a skum, whatever that is. In any case, we killed ’em dead. It was pretty easy, although one of the crabs spat out a bunch of acid on us and that really hurt. When do crabs spit acid? That was really weird, but then again, I saw weirder stuff.

Tiljann found a secret seela mark on the walls, where a myth of the Aquilline (Not Owl-killing, like I thought before) Heart was carved. Something about where the heart rested ‘where the souls of the dead gather’ and something about black rain across the land and blah blah blah I WANTED TREASURE NOT STORIES. Hmph. Either way, TIljann figured that’s where Ettin-nifty went, since legendary bards go where legendary stuff is. She said her goodbyes and left after talking with everyone. I suppose I shoulda been nicer when she left, but I still wanted treasure. There was no treasure.

When we got back to Seaquen and finally talked to Laurabec and her giant TALKING eagle. I dunno what it said, but it TALKED. I wanted to buy it, but she said it wasn’t for sale. She said she wanted to make a super-temple with the other eight priesty-groups to make them stop fighting each other, but they’re too busy… fighting each other. With words, not swords. I’m better with the sword-fighting, not the word-fighting part.

Here they are, so I don’t forget them:
Licorice — Goddess of Pilgrimages — Ragesian Druids
Storkman — God of Knowledge — Ragesian Philosophers
Just-A-Key — Goddess of Strength — Ragesian Savages
Ricky — God of Battle — Ostaliner Mercenary Captain
Serpent-mus — God of Healing — Ragesian Hospitalers
Shelly — God of Sorcery — Sindairese Exiles
Tusk — God of Ancestors — Dasseni Dwarves
Urdull — God of Seas — Seaquen Locals

I might have screwed up the names, but whatever.

Laurabec said it might take a LONG time to talk to everyone and get them to get along with her super-temple idea, so maybe we could do some other stuff if talking to people gets boring. And we’re probably not gonna treasure for this, either. But SUPER-TEMPLE! It’d be so awesome, with fancy shiny windows and lots of priesty people being friends and stuff. I like priesty people. They’re nice. Unless they the evil priesty people. Then they’re not nice.

I’ll write sometime later Mr. Book. Dont’cha worry none, I won’t stab the priesty people. Unless they need a third opinion about the super-temple.

Entry #39 - Wherein Beryl Keeps a Promise
And a promise is a promise~

We took out the one guard at the entrance and snuck our way in. We got into position and sprang our trap! Also, Jess turned out to be Jezska, a devil person like Maelros except not halfish or anything. She tried to trap us with the fake name thing, which… kinda worked? Except we’re better fighters than her and we killed (or captured, I guess) them before they got us. Breora didn’t want anyone to die since she wanted to question them, but a few weren’t gonna matter in the long run. At least, I hope so, since I may have ‘accidentally’ killed one or two of ’em.

Jezska didn’t seem that bad after she gave up, though. She wanted us to promise not to get her killed and to spare her life in exchange for the dirt she had on the Ragesians. We were kinda split… I really wanted to kill her at first (because it’s fun!) but after she was all tied up and thrown in some glowing circle and… ‘trapped’, I felt bad for her. She didn’t seem like she was lying, since she told us a bunch of stuff. Apparently, ‘Guthwulf’, whoever that is, told her and the White Wyrms to sneak in some equipment into Seaquen while posing as some refugees. That made the Headmaster all nervous, since there’s TONS of refugees. She didn’t know where the equipment was ending up or what it was used for, but there were a lot of people guarding it. The Headmaster said he would let Doug RamBossMan (the dwarf with our mystery box) take a look at the stuff they found while the militia would execute Jezska publicly.

We made a promise! We said we wouldn’t let her get killed, and being trapped in some box thing is just as bad as getting stabbed to death super slowly. The Headmaster thought about it, and figured it wouldn’t be bad if they just dismissed her back to Hell, or wherever Jezska normally lived. Even Jezska was surprised that we kept the promise, and said she would owed us a favor. If we summoned her, we could tell her what to do and stuff for nine days. (That’s 9. I know my numbers good.) I don’t really know how to summon devils, but I’m guessing it’s probably something like shouting her name a bunch of times or other. Kinda wish Maelros was still alive; I’m pretty sure he’d know how.

It’s REALLY late, so we’re gonna rest up back at the inn. Maybe we should find Laurabec now? I’m pretty sure Bre or Rhakesh would know what to do.

Ah well. I’ll write again later, Mr. Book! See you tomorrow morning!


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