War of the Burning Sky

Entry #40 - Wherein Beryl Helps Create a Super-Temple
Way bigger than a normal temple!

We left that morning to go talk to Laurabec, but Tiljann kept drawing attention to her with her faerie-ness. A gnome called Gopher suddenly started singing some song and Tiljann joined in. Apparently, Gopher met with Ettin-nifty, some fancy-seela-bard-who-super-legendary-or-something. Tiljann really wanted to meet him, but he was never seen again after going to some underwater temple. So, we figured we can go find the temple and see what happened to him, and not at all because there might be treasure in an underwater temple.

We had to look for a bit, but it wasn’t too hard to find. We used the underwater-breathing scroll Gopher had to search inside, and we were surprised to find air in the main chamber. It was like a giant bubble or something. Oh, and there were weird squids and crabs inside. There was even a skum, whatever that is. In any case, we killed ’em dead. It was pretty easy, although one of the crabs spat out a bunch of acid on us and that really hurt. When do crabs spit acid? That was really weird, but then again, I saw weirder stuff.

Tiljann found a secret seela mark on the walls, where a myth of the Aquilline (Not Owl-killing, like I thought before) Heart was carved. Something about where the heart rested ‘where the souls of the dead gather’ and something about black rain across the land and blah blah blah I WANTED TREASURE NOT STORIES. Hmph. Either way, TIljann figured that’s where Ettin-nifty went, since legendary bards go where legendary stuff is. She said her goodbyes and left after talking with everyone. I suppose I shoulda been nicer when she left, but I still wanted treasure. There was no treasure.

When we got back to Seaquen and finally talked to Laurabec and her giant TALKING eagle. I dunno what it said, but it TALKED. I wanted to buy it, but she said it wasn’t for sale. She said she wanted to make a super-temple with the other eight priesty-groups to make them stop fighting each other, but they’re too busy… fighting each other. With words, not swords. I’m better with the sword-fighting, not the word-fighting part.

Here they are, so I don’t forget them:
Licorice — Goddess of Pilgrimages — Ragesian Druids
Storkman — God of Knowledge — Ragesian Philosophers
Just-A-Key — Goddess of Strength — Ragesian Savages
Ricky — God of Battle — Ostaliner Mercenary Captain
Serpent-mus — God of Healing — Ragesian Hospitalers
Shelly — God of Sorcery — Sindairese Exiles
Tusk — God of Ancestors — Dasseni Dwarves
Urdull — God of Seas — Seaquen Locals

I might have screwed up the names, but whatever.

Laurabec said it might take a LONG time to talk to everyone and get them to get along with her super-temple idea, so maybe we could do some other stuff if talking to people gets boring. And we’re probably not gonna treasure for this, either. But SUPER-TEMPLE! It’d be so awesome, with fancy shiny windows and lots of priesty people being friends and stuff. I like priesty people. They’re nice. Unless they the evil priesty people. Then they’re not nice.

I’ll write sometime later Mr. Book. Dont’cha worry none, I won’t stab the priesty people. Unless they need a third opinion about the super-temple.

Entry #39 - Wherein Beryl Keeps a Promise
And a promise is a promise~

We took out the one guard at the entrance and snuck our way in. We got into position and sprang our trap! Also, Jess turned out to be Jezska, a devil person like Maelros except not halfish or anything. She tried to trap us with the fake name thing, which… kinda worked? Except we’re better fighters than her and we killed (or captured, I guess) them before they got us. Breora didn’t want anyone to die since she wanted to question them, but a few weren’t gonna matter in the long run. At least, I hope so, since I may have ‘accidentally’ killed one or two of ’em.

Jezska didn’t seem that bad after she gave up, though. She wanted us to promise not to get her killed and to spare her life in exchange for the dirt she had on the Ragesians. We were kinda split… I really wanted to kill her at first (because it’s fun!) but after she was all tied up and thrown in some glowing circle and… ‘trapped’, I felt bad for her. She didn’t seem like she was lying, since she told us a bunch of stuff. Apparently, ‘Guthwulf’, whoever that is, told her and the White Wyrms to sneak in some equipment into Seaquen while posing as some refugees. That made the Headmaster all nervous, since there’s TONS of refugees. She didn’t know where the equipment was ending up or what it was used for, but there were a lot of people guarding it. The Headmaster said he would let Doug RamBossMan (the dwarf with our mystery box) take a look at the stuff they found while the militia would execute Jezska publicly.

We made a promise! We said we wouldn’t let her get killed, and being trapped in some box thing is just as bad as getting stabbed to death super slowly. The Headmaster thought about it, and figured it wouldn’t be bad if they just dismissed her back to Hell, or wherever Jezska normally lived. Even Jezska was surprised that we kept the promise, and said she would owed us a favor. If we summoned her, we could tell her what to do and stuff for nine days. (That’s 9. I know my numbers good.) I don’t really know how to summon devils, but I’m guessing it’s probably something like shouting her name a bunch of times or other. Kinda wish Maelros was still alive; I’m pretty sure he’d know how.

It’s REALLY late, so we’re gonna rest up back at the inn. Maybe we should find Laurabec now? I’m pretty sure Bre or Rhakesh would know what to do.

Ah well. I’ll write again later, Mr. Book! See you tomorrow morning!

Entry #38 - Wherein Beryl Gets a Badge
What could go wrong?

We woke up and Breora was all serious’d up about carrying around that sword and learning that song from Tiljaan. I think she just worries about screwing somethin’ up. Then again, I think a lot of people worry about that, like Rhakesh, Asha, and maybe Rylik. I think they worry too much.

Rhakesh wanted to wander about and see ‘what the city had to offer’, so we wandered until we heard some town yeller goin’ on about some ‘arsonist’. Nadia said they played with fire, so I was like YEAH and we went to talk to this dwarf named Voltbeard. He told us to check out some burnt-up houses and figure out what the heck happened, and he’d deputize us. So INSPECTOR BERYL got on the case with her trusty crew. We looked around and found a bunch of tracks and stuff in the ashes, and discovered that the basement was full of dead rats. Esme thinks that someone got some rats and covered ‘em in oil or somethin’, set ‘em on fire and let them find a place to hide and put out the fire… in this case the houses. The guards kinda agree, but not really… Either way, it wasn’t some ‘arsonist’ like they thought it was. Kind of a shame, really…

We went back to Voltbeard and he gave us some shiny badges! He told us to talk to Foebane by the fort for some more orders. When we talked to him, he figured we were more useful doing stuff on our own instead of boring deputy stuff. Like talking to Laurabec, someone from the Owl-killing Cross. She’s got a giant eagle and rides around on it (from what Voltbeard said, anyways). But we figured we should probably do something about those White Wyrm people and find/kill Jess so we don’t forget about it.

After like… looking EVERYWHERE, we trailed Jess to this one mill. We figured we do a RAID and catch ‘em by surprise while Torrent and Tiljaan go back to let the guards know. Kinda takes me back, y’know… we got in a raid like this once, but it turned out pretty bad. Made it out in one peace, but somedays we wonder if it was worth it…

Anywho, I’ll write again later, Mr. Book. We’re gonna RAID. So excited!

Entry #37 - Wherein Beryl Accidentally Rats Out Doug
Doug's actually pretty tricksy~

We killed them all. Except the ottercaps; we needed those for gold. Nadia almost got eaten, but Asha and Breora were like ‘NOPE’ and protected her like usual. Rhakesh killed the ghoul with his axe, cutting him in two. It was fun.

So we sailed back on the ‘Milktoast’ which is a horrible name for a ship. The crew there were nice, or at least the ones that weren’t killed by the ottercaps. The captain apparently really hated them, which I can’t really blame him for. Spiders are bad news.

When we got back to Seaquen, Bananaman paid us all the gold because we were nice and awesome and not at all because he thought the headmaster told us to. Doug is a tricksy dwarf; he even acts all gruff and mean even if he is a big softy on the inside. Like a spider, y’know? He still doesn’t know what the Duodenum does, but he’s workin’ on it. We finally got a meeting with the headmaster, thanks to Doug! We gave him the case, and they said it was full of ‘Scourge this’ and ‘Trillith that’ and it was written by the super top people of Ragesia. We said to make sure Shalahesti knows about it too, since we promised that we said they would.

I think that wraps everything up. Bre’s gonna spend part of the night learning the song from Tiljaan in case this ‘Trillith’ thing comes back to bite us. Also, we STILL need to talk to this ‘Jess’. So many things to do. Esme’s just glad we made it to ‘eighth level’ (whatever that means). And she says I’m the crazy one.

Entry #36 - Wherein Beryl Learns What a 'Pyramid' Is
Just a fancy word for 'Tomb'

We continued to chase down the ottercaps, since there’s a bunch of ‘em still running about. We followed a trail to this big stone building that the others called a ’pyramid’. Looks like someone tried to make a mountain but got tired of carrying all the rocks to make it. There were more of the ottercaps scurrying about, so we got to catchin’ em. Turns out it’s really hard to not kill ‘em, since they’re just giant bugs. Asha smushed one with the flat of her sword, and all the guts went out the other side. Real disgusting.

While we were fighting, a bog-beast charged us from the far end of the swamp! I shot it a bunch of times, but it was really tough. Nadia got in its face (I still don’t think they have faces) and got all snared up in its vines. Breora slashed it to pieces and put it out of its misery. We saw the other ottercaps go inside the pyramid, so we went after them.

At the end of the hall, we saw this big room full of stone coffins and pillars and elfish art on the walls and stuff. There were lots of webs and it smelled like a tomb. Which makes sense, since it was a tomb. We saw the last of the ottercaps, but they had their hands (legs? fangs?) full of undead that woke up when we came in. There was a ghoul and fiery skeletons! They tried to kill us.

What happened next? Find out… in the NEXT entry! The thrilling cunclu finale!

Entry #35 - Wherein Beryl Tries to Catch Ottercaps
Ottercaps are super squishy, apparently

We decided to talk to Dougan, who’s a dwarf (which makes sense because it’s a dwarven puzzle cube). He said it was missing a phlux capacitor and needed some tools to fix it. They’re stuck on a boat that got stuck in the swamp somehow, and he’ll pay us to get ‘em. He also gave us a letter to help get some more gold from his friend, since he’s super-snooty or something.

I think it’s the people with funny names we always run into. Bananaman Vet (Dougan’s friend) had a BUNCH of exotic animals on that boat and wants us to catch ‘em. The catch, natural-like, is that some Ottercaps got out. Rylik says they’re some giant spiders that are smart as wolfs, so they’re probably gonna be mean and bite a lot. We’d get 1200 gold for the job… but he’ll make us pay 20 gold for each animal that we kill instead of catch. Bummer.

Figuring Jess can wait longer, we left Seaquen to round ‘em up and get the tools. After all, we got some time to kill before we meet the Headmaster. On the way, we ran across some of the Ottercaps. Catchin’ em was kinda tricky since they jumped on us and knocked us over, but we did it without too much trouble. There was also some strange vine creature thing that shot lightning at us, but I killed it with a good shot to its face. At least, what I think is its face. I don’t think it was part of Bananaman’s mena animals, since it could squeeze its vines through the cracks in the wall, which makes it REALLY hard to put in a cage.

We’re off to kill more catch more things! Wish us luck, Mr. Book!

Entry #34 - Wherein Beryl Meets a Squidomancer
Mancer of squids~

While we were going to Seaquen, we found a cart full of stuff (like weapons and food and other junk) on the road. We didn’t see anyone else nearby at first, so we went over to take a closer look at the stuff. That’s when we got jumped by some half-orc soldiers! Ragesia’s already at Seaquen; which is REALLY bad for us. We fought ‘em pretty hard, but they had an Inquisitor with ’em, and he was a huge jerk and nearly killed us. It was a good thing that some patrol was going about and blowing horns to scare them away. ’Xevious Foebane’ must be really tough if he can scare an Inquisitor to run away.

We took all the food from the cart and let the horses go. Then Katrina (the fire-mage person who we saved a ways back) TORCHED EVERYTHING. (For being a guilder, she’s pretty fun! I’m watching her, though) Because Torrent said it’s probably better to get rid of it instead of having soldiers wonder how the hell we got all that stuff. I guess it was a smart idea because Esme said so, too. Either way, we walked on and FINALLY made it to Seaquen.

There must be a ton of refugees and stuff around, because there were SO many tents full of people. It was as big as the city itself nearby. Rhakesh said war makes people homeless and look around for a safe place to hide out, and Seaquen was a good a place as any. Nadia must be really lost, because it’s like the first time she ever heard of the war. Torrent got us to walk faster because she was nervous carrying that super-secret case around so many people again.

Haddin said it was their stop, and I felt sad. I guess they have to leave, since we said we’d help ‘em get to Seaquen, and we’re… here. Crystin gave me a hug and I told her to be safe and be good and stab bad people before they get her first and she just smiled. She might still have that mind-control thing going on, but… I dunno. She seemed happier to me and more… Free. She’s in good hands, I guess… The two disappeared off somewhere in the crowd, and I hope they don’t get in trouble again.

Then we got a place to rest at some dive and finally napped in a bed. SO much better than sleeping in a tree.

Torrent wanted to get rid of the case and give it to some ‘Headmaster’ (not a master of heads). Her mentor ‘Lee Squid-o-mancer’ (who is TOTALLY a squid-o-mancer) apparently knows an in to talk to the Headmaster, so we went to go talk to him. On the way, we got tailed by a soldier who said someone named Jess (a short blonde lady with a funny accent) was looking for us and we should go talk to her because someone named Buron had some info for us. We didn’t know either of them though, so we figured if she was waiting a week for us to show up, then another hour or so won’t kill her. Unless it does in which case I’m sorry?

When we got to Lee’s place (a house on an island somewhere off the coast of Seaquen’s main city) we saw a note saying he was busy in the back ‘feeding Lula’. I was feeling sneaky so I snuck up to try to listen to someone talking in the back. I dunno if they said anything, because he started walking up the stairs so I tried to play dumb (Esme says that’s real easy for me). He seemed nice and offered us some snacks and stuff, which Nadia started taking. While we were busy snackin’, he tried to sneak out three shadowy-looking guys, includin’ a tentacled guy with a weird toothy smile on the side of his face and glowing eyes on his arms. That’s when I figured he was a squid-o-mancer! When they left, I had SO many questions. Asha thought I was being rude or something, but how can you not notice tentacles?! They’re tentacles!

Lee smiled and was nice. He even showed us Lula, his pet yellow and pink giant squid (the obvious familiar of a squid-o-mancer). I wanted to pet it, but it was kinda out of my reach, and it probably wouldn’t play nice. Do ANY familiars play nice? Rylik’s pet Warbly isn’t one to play, so I guess the squid probably wouldn’t either. After Torrent told him all about our journey (like the fire-forest stuff and the weird dragon-spirit creature we killed) he said he would help us talk to the Headmaster tomorrow morning.

So… I guess we go find this ‘Jess’ person now, right? We also still have that puzzle cube to give to Dougan RamBossMan, and meet the Headmaster too. There’s just SO MUCH to do since we’re in a city that’s not being torched and pillaged for once.

Entry #33 - Wherein Beryl Meets Asha and Nadia
We might have also lost Vynn someplace...

So, we fought the people (Ragesian spies!) and their lizard-bird-thing (a Why-fern, which is not like a fern at all). It shot lighting at us and stuff, and the spies shot arrows at us and it really hurt. Funny thing though; when we got zapped by that lightning stuff we glowed really blue for some reason. I’m thinking it’s just weird magic being weird, but the commander guy ALSO had an ax that was zappy and THAT also made us glow blue, so there’s something weirder than magic making it weird? I dunno, but I’m not gonna worry about it.

After the why-fern flew away and we killed a bunch of ‘em, the commander quit the fight and said he didn’t wanna die. Rhakesh wanted to kill him at first, but Rylik and Breora were like ‘Tell us stuff’ and the commander gave us a note and some more orbs! He didn’t know anything about them, but he thought Nobblekat would, and that they would meet at this ‘Royale’ place. I hope I don’t have to meet actual royal people; they’re kinda snooty. Except for Breora, but I dunno if she’s a noble person or not. I think she is though, so she can do the talking.

OH, we also freed their prisoners – a super-tall splotchy angel-notghost-paladin called Asha and a tiny halo-gnome called Nadia! Asha’s a knight of the Aqui that one order of knights that helps people and stuff, so that’s nice. She also knows Rhakesh somehow, and they started talking in Dragonish. Nadia’s kinda lost though; she doesn’t know where her house is or anything else I think. She only knows that she’s an ‘Ardent’ which means she’s a Psycho or something. I didn’t really pay attention because she has a glowy-halo! I want one! It looks SO shiny and pretty and fancy and probably not very good for sneakery which is kinda bad but Esme isn’t all for shiny stuff so forget that.

We finally got out of the swamp after a day or two after all that. When we broke camp, Vynn kinda disappeared somewhere. I swear I TOTALLY didn’t have anything to do with it this time. So… hopefully it wasn’t bad or nothing. Yeah.

We ran into some Shahalesti people (Still wondering why they’re WAY out here out of their home-land) and they said something about a ‘Cherry-yell D’Wrathee’ and got all nosy about why we were here. Rhakesh showed him the badge that Etuurnath gave us (the angel-ghost-paladin we met in the fire-forest) and they let us go. I should get one of those when I get the chance.

So… we almost made it to Seaquen! FINALLY. Maybe the rain will stop soon and I can be dry again. Stupid drizzly-rain.

Entry #32 - Wherein Beryl Meets Katrina
She's related to that Rantle guy, remember?

We followed this one trail in the swamp because I wanted the witches’ treasure, but the others were hoping they could find their prisoner and free her and find out more about Nobblekat. We found where they lived, but it was just a bunch of shacks. I saw a bunch of skellymans hiding in some boats just kinda laying there, so I was kinda iffy on going alone. We got our boats and sailed right to the shore, and once we got on land they sprung out of everywhere to try to kill us dead!

It was a good thing most of ’em were pretty weak; we broke ’em up real fast. There were a few that explodified and really hurt some of us. Still, not too bad. One of the shacks was noisy and stuff, so we opened that one up first.

Katrina musta been that red-haired person that went into the swamps earlier (wonder where the rest of her people went?) and was the prisoner the witches had. I don’t like her (she’s related to that guilder back in Gate Pass) and I think she took some of the witches’ treasure. Rylik was also suspi didn’t like her, so Rhakesh had to shake him down for the glass orb we took from the witches. Rylik REALLY didn’t like that, and Rhakesh felt sorry about it afterwards, but you don’t just grab some guy without getting a knife in your eye, y’know?

Anyways, I looked REALLY hard for some treasure and found some in another shack with a dead tiefling. I think something was eating it, because it had all these bite-marks on it and his guts were missing. Kinda icky. There was some gold and some other stuff under the beds and on the table, but I found some papers in a drawer! I couldn’t read it; but since it’s all in Elfish I gave it to Breora. She said it was a map to someplace and had some dirt on Nobblekat! We figure once we’re in Lyceum, we can find this guy and kill him! And maybe some other stuff, since he might be a spy for Ragesia.

We rested for the night and continued through the swamp. While we were walking, we heard a lizard-bird-thing scream in the sky! Torrent thought they might’ve been Ragesian scouts or spies or something, so we should go take care of ‘em. When we got there, we found some people and the lizard-bird-thing nearby, along with someone tied up to a tree. I thought they just caught her, so we might’ve had ’em with their backs turned, ready for stabbing!

Hand-cramp again~ owowowow-whyamIstillwriting…

Entry #31 - Wherein We Fight Some Witches
Someone also dies here. Sad times...

We went into the swamp, and everyone was talking about stuff. Rhakesh was all like ‘Blah-blah-kinslayers-are-bad’ and Maelros was like ‘Bets-bets-weird-boots-bets’ and I kinda ignored the rest. But then Haddin said he was responsible for his brother being killed, but it wasn’t his fault. I thought it was kinda weird, since he was doing the mind-control thing on him and stuff. Maybe he just wanted to do the right thing, but doing it… evilish? I dunno. I mean, I do the right thing by stabbing people dead, but stabbing people isn’t good. So… it’s weird and I don’t wanna think about it anymore.

Anyways, we found an island in the swamp and Torrent thought it was a good place to rest for the day. And then WITCHES! You could tell because they were singing some weird song and their boat had lots of skulls on it. So we went out to kill ‘em! I got bit by some croco-ma-diles and it was bad (the necklace did NOTHING). And then Maelros’ head got exploded by one of the witches. It was pretty cool to watch, but I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna get back up like Rhakesh did that one time.

We killed them all except the last one. She was crying about mercy and treasure and stuff and I kinda ignored it because her friends killed Maelros. And friends kill friends that kill friends! (Even if they weren’t my friends, but whatever) So I killed her. The others are kinda upset at that, because she had informations about ‘Nobblekat’ or something. But I’m bankin’ on that their prisoner might know a bit about him. Some redhead that the town of Vidor saw go into the swamp.

Righto. I’m gonna put you away again. Don’t move!


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