War of the Burning Sky

Entry #33 - Wherein Beryl Meets Asha and Nadia
We might have also lost Vynn someplace...

So, we fought the people (Ragesian spies!) and their lizard-bird-thing (a Why-fern, which is not like a fern at all). It shot lighting at us and stuff, and the spies shot arrows at us and it really hurt. Funny thing though; when we got zapped by that lightning stuff we glowed really blue for some reason. I’m thinking it’s just weird magic being weird, but the commander guy ALSO had an ax that was zappy and THAT also made us glow blue, so there’s something weirder than magic making it weird? I dunno, but I’m not gonna worry about it.

After the why-fern flew away and we killed a bunch of ‘em, the commander quit the fight and said he didn’t wanna die. Rhakesh wanted to kill him at first, but Rylik and Breora were like ‘Tell us stuff’ and the commander gave us a note and some more orbs! He didn’t know anything about them, but he thought Nobblekat would, and that they would meet at this ‘Royale’ place. I hope I don’t have to meet actual royal people; they’re kinda snooty. Except for Breora, but I dunno if she’s a noble person or not. I think she is though, so she can do the talking.

OH, we also freed their prisoners – a super-tall splotchy angel-notghost-paladin called Asha and a tiny halo-gnome called Nadia! Asha’s a knight of the Aqui that one order of knights that helps people and stuff, so that’s nice. She also knows Rhakesh somehow, and they started talking in Dragonish. Nadia’s kinda lost though; she doesn’t know where her house is or anything else I think. She only knows that she’s an ‘Ardent’ which means she’s a Psycho or something. I didn’t really pay attention because she has a glowy-halo! I want one! It looks SO shiny and pretty and fancy and probably not very good for sneakery which is kinda bad but Esme isn’t all for shiny stuff so forget that.

We finally got out of the swamp after a day or two after all that. When we broke camp, Vynn kinda disappeared somewhere. I swear I TOTALLY didn’t have anything to do with it this time. So… hopefully it wasn’t bad or nothing. Yeah.

We ran into some Shahalesti people (Still wondering why they’re WAY out here out of their home-land) and they said something about a ‘Cherry-yell D’Wrathee’ and got all nosy about why we were here. Rhakesh showed him the badge that Etuurnath gave us (the angel-ghost-paladin we met in the fire-forest) and they let us go. I should get one of those when I get the chance.

So… we almost made it to Seaquen! FINALLY. Maybe the rain will stop soon and I can be dry again. Stupid drizzly-rain.

Entry #32 - Wherein Beryl Meets Katrina
She's related to that Rantle guy, remember?

We followed this one trail in the swamp because I wanted the witches’ treasure, but the others were hoping they could find their prisoner and free her and find out more about Nobblekat. We found where they lived, but it was just a bunch of shacks. I saw a bunch of skellymans hiding in some boats just kinda laying there, so I was kinda iffy on going alone. We got our boats and sailed right to the shore, and once we got on land they sprung out of everywhere to try to kill us dead!

It was a good thing most of ’em were pretty weak; we broke ’em up real fast. There were a few that explodified and really hurt some of us. Still, not too bad. One of the shacks was noisy and stuff, so we opened that one up first.

Katrina musta been that red-haired person that went into the swamps earlier (wonder where the rest of her people went?) and was the prisoner the witches had. I don’t like her (she’s related to that guilder back in Gate Pass) and I think she took some of the witches’ treasure. Rylik was also suspi didn’t like her, so Rhakesh had to shake him down for the glass orb we took from the witches. Rylik REALLY didn’t like that, and Rhakesh felt sorry about it afterwards, but you don’t just grab some guy without getting a knife in your eye, y’know?

Anyways, I looked REALLY hard for some treasure and found some in another shack with a dead tiefling. I think something was eating it, because it had all these bite-marks on it and his guts were missing. Kinda icky. There was some gold and some other stuff under the beds and on the table, but I found some papers in a drawer! I couldn’t read it; but since it’s all in Elfish I gave it to Breora. She said it was a map to someplace and had some dirt on Nobblekat! We figure once we’re in Lyceum, we can find this guy and kill him! And maybe some other stuff, since he might be a spy for Ragesia.

We rested for the night and continued through the swamp. While we were walking, we heard a lizard-bird-thing scream in the sky! Torrent thought they might’ve been Ragesian scouts or spies or something, so we should go take care of ‘em. When we got there, we found some people and the lizard-bird-thing nearby, along with someone tied up to a tree. I thought they just caught her, so we might’ve had ’em with their backs turned, ready for stabbing!

Hand-cramp again~ owowowow-whyamIstillwriting…

Entry #31 - Wherein We Fight Some Witches
Someone also dies here. Sad times...

We went into the swamp, and everyone was talking about stuff. Rhakesh was all like ‘Blah-blah-kinslayers-are-bad’ and Maelros was like ‘Bets-bets-weird-boots-bets’ and I kinda ignored the rest. But then Haddin said he was responsible for his brother being killed, but it wasn’t his fault. I thought it was kinda weird, since he was doing the mind-control thing on him and stuff. Maybe he just wanted to do the right thing, but doing it… evilish? I dunno. I mean, I do the right thing by stabbing people dead, but stabbing people isn’t good. So… it’s weird and I don’t wanna think about it anymore.

Anyways, we found an island in the swamp and Torrent thought it was a good place to rest for the day. And then WITCHES! You could tell because they were singing some weird song and their boat had lots of skulls on it. So we went out to kill ‘em! I got bit by some croco-ma-diles and it was bad (the necklace did NOTHING). And then Maelros’ head got exploded by one of the witches. It was pretty cool to watch, but I’m pretty sure he’s not gonna get back up like Rhakesh did that one time.

We killed them all except the last one. She was crying about mercy and treasure and stuff and I kinda ignored it because her friends killed Maelros. And friends kill friends that kill friends! (Even if they weren’t my friends, but whatever) So I killed her. The others are kinda upset at that, because she had informations about ‘Nobblekat’ or something. But I’m bankin’ on that their prisoner might know a bit about him. Some redhead that the town of Vidor saw go into the swamp.

Righto. I’m gonna put you away again. Don’t move!

Entry #30 - Wherein We Do a Lot of Traveling
We also met Rylik! He's a drow... whatever that is

Saddle-sores SUCK. Be glad you don’t have to ride a horse for DAYS, Mr. Book.

So, we left the forest since we still had our mission to do! It was really cold in the mountains, but thanks to our fuzzy clothes that Tiljann gave us I was snugly warm. We made it to this tiny village and got some horses. I also met this weird guy that’s all bandaged up because he got into a fight and his pet shadow thing. It TALKED! I think it was kinda mean but I couldn’t really tell because it TALKED. Then Rhakesh kinda got in the way and did some talking and I got bored. I guess he decided to join us because waiting around for Ragesians to come kill everyone isn’t a good idea. I think he said he was a drow, but I dunno what that even is. I think it’s dwarfish for mummy.

We rode for like a hundred days for miles. I lost count after five. But we saw some cool stuff along the way too! Like…over in Brightstick (which has HOT SPRINGS it was SO GOOD) we heard about how a red dragon kidnapped the healing brightstick and some dwarves because they didn’t want the town to be all destroyed and stuff. And this knight called Quincy said his lord Ringo hates Lyceum because they didn’t help stop someone named Psi Lu (I think) from blowing part of his kingdom down with a big storm. We also saw a sphinx! It was doing backflips and stuff while this dwarf wearing some shiny silver stuff waved his arms at it. He was also holding a tiny box, like our puzzle cube that we still need to give to RamBossMan. He rode away on the sphinx before we could talk to him, though.

Then we went to Lady Namin’s land, which is pretty nice for the most part. I think they’re pretty paranoid though, since some knights kept following us for a while (I guess it’s probably because of all the people running from the Ragesians). They didn’t want any part of the war, and just wanted us out of the land and not cause trouble (which I TOTALLY would never do). I did hear that Lady Namin really likes the King Steppingwolf. But he’s already married and has like a bazillion kids, so I don’t know why she would bother. Ah well, love is weird. We went into the land of Megapop, and people got just plain angry. They tried to hustle us to walk on the road, but Maelros was pretty fancy with words. I guess they’re just that way with ‘outlanders’ (like Rhakesh likes to say) since they say Megapop likes to share his money with everyone in his land. King Steppenwolf isn’t too popular here though, since he’s increasing the tax to pay for more troops to fight the Ragesians. Megapop says that Ragesia isn’t a threat, though, and some people say that HE should be king instead. We left and went through Dene. I thought it was pretty nice, until we went to find a good inn. They’re like SUPER expensive and totally hustling us and all of the other refugees. Rhakesh said it was because she’s trying to get more troops to help defend her land. Still, I think it’s really hard on everyone since there’s lots of graves and stuff along the road. Like… a lot.

We finally made it to Vidor, just right outside a swamp. Since horses can’t swim really good, we traded ‘em for some boats and sticks to row it with. I also got a map and a cool gator-tooth necklace! I think they said that it would make animals not try to kill me, but I got it because it’s all pointy. SO pointy!

So we’re gonna go through the swamp now. I better put you away for now; I don’t wanna drop you in swamp goop.

Entry #29 - Wherein Awesome Things Happen
Basically a big fight and the stuff after that. Still awesome, though!

You gotta listen to this, Mr. Book. It’s super awesome!

Breora dove underwater to get the sword. I stayed way back in case the evil thingamabob exploded. It was a good thing too, because it just ran right out of the water, being all fiery and stuff (stags are big, especially fiery demon stags). It took a while, but we started to wear it down since it was trying to kill all of the seela instead of us (mostly). It still hurt like hell, and to make things worse that evil devil guy that caused trouble with us before came back and tried to kill us while we were trying to kill the forest-fire-spirity-thing! That was not nice.

So, Indomitability finally died after I put enough arrows into it (all of them, in fact) and the others tried to cut and blast it into tiny pieces. I think it did anyways, but it exploded with some weird wavey thing that made my head hurt. I think it didn’t get me like the others, but I was kinda bleeding to death at the time from the devil. Rhakesh tore its throat out with his own sharp stick (and people call ME crazy).

All of the faeries were SO happy to not be on fire anymore and not have to keep singing anymore (even though that song is SO pretty; I can kinda hum it now. Still can’t say the words, though). Tiljann, that one faerie that helped us, wanted to come with us, and I was like ‘YEAH, let’s do it!‘. Everyone else thought it was okay too, so YAY we have a faerie! I wonder if she can let me borrow her wings. I wonder what it’s like to fly. Maybe it’s like falling, but with style.

Timbre also died. I didn’t want her to die, since she was really helpful and stuff, but Vynn said that Timbre was expecting it. It wasn’t so sad, since she was going to be with Anyariel now. How? They’re both dead; I don’t think she knows what she’s talking about. Something about an afterlife, but I’m pretty sure you only get the one life. Unless you cheat like Rhakesh.

Also, Rhakesh fainted. I think he was tired since he got angry (like he always does) when he was tearing the devil thing apart. But then he got back up and said something about ‘his queen’ being happy with him or other. The others said he looked… less gloomy and more alive. I don’t really see it; he looks like the same ol’ stick-in-the-mud to me.

Breora got bonded to the sword that she pulled out of the stag (whatever that means; I don’t see her tied up to it or anything). The others say she’s gotta live as long as she’s got that sword, or all of the forest and seela would die (since it’s part of the First Tree, which I guess is pretty important). Well, at least long enough so someone else can take the sword. I think. Either way, she’s pretty tough so I don’t think that’ll be a problem anytime soon. It looks a lot smaller than the greatsword they said Anyariel wielded, though. Maybe it shrunk when it was sitting in the lake all that time?

Torrent was worried (like usual) that the Ragesians would be hot on our tail since we kinda put out the forest fire (which is why we thought escaping this way was so smart… whoops). Papu The old seela leader guy was nice enough to try to slow the Ragesians down with the rest of the village, since we ‘gave them a second chance at life’. Maelros got all teary-eyed and stuff for some reason when they said that. Maybe he likes the faeries too? Never woulda thought it, since he’s… y’know, half-demon-devil-man and stuff.

OH, and Shava came back! It was great to see her not so sad, even if she had sad news. I guess since all she wanted was to save the fire forest, she didn’t have any reason to keep traveling with us. Shava had to stay behind and help Nelle (the unicorn, way back at that waterfall) tend to all the elves, especially her dad. I was really sad to let her go, since she’s been my friend since I got to Gate Pass (even if I never got that three gold from her). I totally didn’t cry though. At least not in front of everyone.

Crystin said something weird while we were all talking and stuff. Vuhl (the evil faerie) wasn’t really a seela but something like Indomitability (a Trillith, whatever that is.) Deception would face us once again ‘when the bones of his grandmother watches and weeps for our fate’. Crystin sure knows how to kill a good mood.

After everyone got done being all smiley and happy from killing a demon-thing, we left as soon as we could to Seaquen and Lyceum! We still had to deliver the case (and Mr. Mustache’s weird puzzle cube thing for Dougan RamBossMan, and a note to that guilder Rantle’s fire-magey sister; can’t forget that. Thanks, Mr. Book!) so we got to walking!

Walking is boring. Even with all the new people like Vynny and Tiljann, it’s REALLY boring. At least Maelros and I made a bet to make things even more interesting when we find some evil stuff to kill.

I’ll write again when something cool happens again. Sit tight!

Entry #28 - Wherein Beryl Goes to the Lake
Also, we meet Vynn! She's a cleric... kinda

Hello again, Mr. Book! We’re about to pull out the sword, but we’re taking a breather for now.

We went through the village on our way to talk to Timbre, and we met this elfadrin who is NOT related to Breora. She’s a cleric like Laurya, but less sad and more… I dunno, fighty? She had a sword, but all the other clerics I saw had staffs or maces. Maybe she likes the sound they make. Slashy-slashy~ Anyways, she wanted to follow us because we look like we’re going places, and I guess we are. A heck of a lot more places than the faeries, at any rate. Maybe she didn’t know about the war in Gate Pass… or care? I dunno. Clerics are weird.
So, we talked to Timbre (who has had MUCH better days) and she agreed to help us kill the dragon-demon-spirit thing! YAY~ We went out to the lake where she would release her bond on the sword that’s pinning the monster thing at the lake bottom. But first: Water Ogres! They’re like normal ogres, except they breathe underwater? Anyariel musta got ’em from out of town or something; everything else is on fire. Weird.

I’ll write again later, Mr. Book. We’re gonna go get the sword! Well, Breora is, I think. Something about a bond or other, and I don’t like chains.

Entry #27 - Wherein Beryl Talks to a Hag
Also, Kathra goes away. Permanent-like.

Hello, Mr. Book! Things happened!

We talked to a bunch of seela, including this really sad/angry one named Vuhl. He’s not too happy with all the suffering of everyone being on fire and wants the singing to end (which will kill all the seela, which is bad). Rhakesh and Maelros really didn’t like the idea, and Breora was really looking for another way besides that. Kathra just wanted to get out of the forest, so she didn’t really care. Rhakesh punched her really hard, so she got angry and walked away and stuff. I followed her to make sure she didn’t make things worse. I don’t think she’ll be coming back anytime soon; but at least she’s not thirsty anymore. Hehe~

Tiljann finally came back from singing after everyone talked to all the seela. She wanted to help, but we already had a plan; go talk to a hag named Gwinvir or something, get Anryial’s lock of hair (which was in that shrine that was stolen – I KNEW something was in there before!) and go talk to Timbre to save the forest! I totally thought up most of that. The others think she might know how to change the Song of Forms to help save the forest, but Tiljann thinks the ‘Living Blade’ is probably the big key to the puzzle. Except sharper, because whoever heard of stabbing someone with a key?

We took a boat to talk to the hag. Since Rhakesh heard that Gwin likes animal meat, we offered her some and we talked. She was REALLY ugly (like got into a fight with a face-grinder and lost) and I really REALLY hope I never get that ugly. Like… eww. But Breora and Rhakesh talked with her and she got really sad (even screamed really loud and popped my ears). But after crying and stuff, she gave us the lock of hair and some other stuff (we’re still looking through it. I found some things that aren’t familiar at all, nope-no-siree). When she was crying and swimming away, the dirty water actually looked a bit cleaner. I’m guessing that’s like… nymph magic? Because she was a nymph before the whole ‘forest-fire’ thing.

I’ll write again later — I’m hoping there’s something super-shiny in this stuff!

Entry #26 - Wherein Beryl Finds the Faerie Village
...and becomes disappointed

It was some other faeries! I guess they have bad faeries, too.

The good one said not to kill them, but Maelros put too much spin on his magic or something since he killed the leader of the group. The other ones ran away when their leader got slaughtered. Good thing that the forest kept him alive (I think?) since he got toastified and was brought back to life. He still tried to kill us, though. Breora slapped him with the flat of her sword and knocked him out.

So, we talked to the one that got attacked (Her name’s Tiljann, by the way. Pretty name~) and she said something about how we’re gonna bring the beauty back in the forest or something. I dunno; the fire looks pretty to me already. She led us to the seela village to talk to their leader, Pupavin. He’s kinda scary, but I guess forty years of being on fire and singing the Song of Forms (a really pretty song I wanna learn how to sing) without stopping might do that to you.

We spoke to him and he said we were welcome to walk about the village since we saved Tiljann, but other than that he didn’t seem to like us, even when we said we wanted to save the seela by killing Indomitability (although we’re not sure if it will actually save them, but it seems like a good idea). So, we’re gonna look around the village and talk with some people to see what we can do. It’s not much of a village; just some caves in the cliffs alongside a drying-up lake. A lot less pretty than I thought it was.

I’ll write again, Mr. Book! After we do some talking and see how we can save the faeries!

Entry #25 - Wherein Beryl Meets Nelle


Sorry, I had to write that. Unicorns are pretty.

We went up the river and talked to Nelle, a really pretty (but really thin and weak-looking) unicorn. (I GOT TO TOUCH HIS HORN. It’s so spiral-ish and magical and pretty!) He didn’t like Haddin since he smelled evil or something, but everyone else was welcome to rest in his shrine (which is a really foggy waterfall, since fire and water make fog or something). It was really cool!

Nelle also told us what that dragon-fire-thing that’s making the forest all fiery: a dream-monster called a Trillith. The one that’s trapped in the lake is called Indomitability, and is making everything horrible because he’s a jerk. Nelle’s also taking care of a bunch of elves that a priest guy took to him a long time ago. (I think it might be that one priest that’s dead in the shrine) They’re all on fire and their minds broke from all the pain and stuff. It was really sad, because it made me think of things that happened to me, and they’re kinda trapped without a way out and stuff. It sucks.

So, we went to go see if the seela faeries down the river could help us kill Indomitability. BUT that one evil devil guy came back and tried to make a deal with us, saying he wanted to help us out of the forest and stuff. We didn’t believe him since he attacked us before and he said he wanted us to kill the ‘wicked twisted faeries’ and ‘silence the song’ they sang. That’s WAY too familiar to what the burning logs from way back said, so I thought they were working together or something, which is NOT good. So we tried to kill him, but he ran away. We need like a magic net or something to stop that kinda thing.

Anyways, after that, we finally made it to the seela village! It was kinda foggy coming in, but we saw a faerie on the bridge (kinda like the one from the elven one we saw before) and it was bigger than I thought it would be. Like, human-sized. She was still super-pretty though, and I went up to say hi, but all of a sudden she got attacked by some other things!

Ow, hand cramp. Gimme a second.

Entry #24 - Wherein Someone Dies
I hope it's not me

Hello again Mr. Book! I have things to write, so write I shall!

We killed the goblins, and found Tor-fin-dur’s bones, but couldn’t find the skull. Maelros thought their leader might have it, so we looked around a bit more in the caves to find them. I snuck up ahead, because I’m really good at that. THEN things got real.

Dragonmage guy, the one with the mushroom soup, was all captured and about to be sacrificed by the goblins for some magic thing with a dream portal or something, and we were the only ones that could help him! So help him we did! Or tried to, anyways. I think he got stabbed before we could free him. Rhakesh was all moody about it, but he’s moody about everything.

Anyways, the portal thing got super bright and spat out this evil ghosty-horse, which was a pain in the butt to throw back in the portal, but we managed to do that! Then Dragonmage guy said something about things and dreams and jumped in the portal and then it exploded. I hope I die like that; that would be awesome. But not now, I mean like when I’m really old. Dying now would not be good, I think.

So we went back to Eturnaath and gave him the bones he wanted. He told us that the faeries were down the river, but UP the river was an even better surprise. I dunno – there’s not a lot that can beat faeries. Unless it was like a candy mine or something.

OH, before I forget, Crystin said some weird stuff in the caves. ‘The blood walls course with life, and the heart of man and beast fills with its fire. The mask is laid bare and with the submissive spirit’s willful release, the world’s vitality is restored. Spring will dawn at the phoenix’s last flight and the land shall rejoice’. Whatever that means. Someone said it had something to do with the Aquiline Heart, but I forget what exactly.

So we’re going to the river mouth now for the super surprise! I bet it’s a treant satyr mermaid I dunno, but it’s GOTTA be good!


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