Important People

PCs, trusted allies, cunning foes and recurring nemeses… These are the major players in the campaign. Some may only play a small part in the grand scheme of the campaign, but every person in this list has contributed to the campaign in some way.

Player Characters

Beryl — A human rogue whose sanity is in constant doubt
Breora Lif’illan — An eladrin swordmage filled with caution and good will
Laurya — A somber and well-read elven cleric of the Raven Queen
Oberon — The last known Canim, a long-dead race of wolfmen
Rhakesh — A level-headed yet easily angered dragonborn warrior, formerly of Ragesia
Shava — A meek elven wizard of Gabal’s School, eager to put her skills to use

Known Allies to the PCs

Torrent — A key member of the Resistance, and the one who called the PCs together
Erdan Menash — A merchant and councilman who aided the PCs escape from Gate Pass
Buron — A dwarven strategist behind much of the Resistance’s actions
Rantle — A Local Hero and member of the Resistance
River-Eye — An incredibly ugly gnome with a surprising number of connections
Shealis — A Spy for Shahalesti who gave the PCs vital Ragesian intelligence

Known Foes to the PCs

No Major Foe known as of yet…?

Other Important People

Emperor Coaltongue

Important People

War of the Burning Sky Flak