Items of Renown

This page contains the strange and unusual items found during the campaign of the War of the Burning Sky. Some may be just common magic items, easily created by an inspiring smith or wizard (not listed on this page for sake of brevity), but others are true artifacts of the world, full of mysterious power and capable of amazing things.

Artifacts – Powerful Magic Items

No Artifacts found as of yet…

Important Items of Note

Since the phenomenon of the Burning Sky, packages, detailed messages and things of the like must be hand-delivered through long and laborious travel. The following is a list of things that the PCs have or are currently delivering.

Ragesian Case of Intelligence – Gifted by Shealis – Currently held by the PCs – Must be given to the Resistance in Lyceum; Shahalesti Contact Clathan
— A simple yet distinctive wooden case protected by powerful magics. It is imperative to the defense of Gate Pass, but must be unlocked and deciphered by the scholars of Lyceum to be of use.

Dianoem Mk IV – Gifted by Erdan Menash – Currently held by the PCs – Must be given to Dougan Rambausen of Lyceum
— A strange blue box with a keypad and window, locked by unusual means. Very old, Dwarven in construction. The only translatable text is “Dianoem ~ Mk IV”.

Note to Katrina – Gifted by Rantle – Currently held by the PCs – Must be given to Katrina
— A scroll tube sealed by the roguish local hero to be given to his sister, who may or may not be in grave danger.

Items of Renown

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