Things the Party Killed

This page contains the numerous foes that the PCs have killed on their quest to survive the War of the Burning Sky. The list is ordered by the level the PCs were at the time of the slaying.

Level 1 – The Assault of Gate Pass

Black Horse Bandits – Bounty hunters after the PCs
Flaganus Mortus – The Wyvern Rider that crashed into Gate Pass
White Wyrm Bandits – Mercenaries under Ragesian payroll
Undead Dwarves – The long-buried rudely awoken by war

Level 2 – The Escape from Gate Pass

Black Horse Bandits – Even more bounty hunters
Feris’ underlings – Looters of a Magic Shop

Level 3 – Onward to the Fire Forest

Kobold Warren – There’s always some in a campaign
Hand of Glory – Rhakesh’s past catching up with him

Level 4 – Innenotdar

Fire Bats – Bats kept alive by the magics of the fire forest.

Expect even more to fall under the might of the PCs!

Things the Party Killed

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