War of the Burning Sky

Entry #61 -- Wherein We Try To Be Sneaky

I'm sneaky! Why can everyone else be sneaky?

So, we finally made it to the outpost WAAAAAAAAAAAAY out in the middle of nowhere, after riding like a super-long time. It’s on top of this hill, and they got another one of those lizard-bird things… (Why-ferns! I still dunno why they’re called that) We tried to be sneaky and tip-toe up the hill. I probably coulda done it super easy myself, but then I’d be a sittin’ duck inside a barrel with fish with the biggest target on my back yellin’ at everyone to shoot me… I’d rather Breora to do that instead.

We didn’t get that far up the hill when they spotted us, so we got to hoofin’ it. I jumped up the road, but I didn’t think Rylik could climb up right past me so fast! I guess all those biomagical stuffs are good for somethin’… shame it makes him look super-creepy.

The guys on top of the tower started shootin’ at us and the why-fern even started flyin’ about. It picked up Laurya and threw her down part of the hill! They play dirty, that’s for sure… But then again, bad guys always play dirty so I guess it’s normal.

Oh. I guess this is the last page, Mr. Book! I’ll keep you around since you know so much stuff and it’s good to keep ya around. Don’t worry, I got another one so I can keep writin’ and it’ll even give you company in my pack! Maybe it’ll even be a Mrs. Book? Eh? EH?



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