War of the Burning Sky

Entry #82 -- Wherein We Learn About General Sigma

He's either really cunning or really stupid. My money's on the stupid.

We took the innkeeper guy back to Eresh, and everyone was in a panic about all the soldier guys ready to raid the place. Breora gave some fancy speech and got ‘em worked up to smash the Ragesians’ faces in. I guess since they live by the monastery, they know how to punch people really good, like the monks.

We were gonna charge in with ‘em, but some enemy-scout-runner-guy saw us and gave us a message that ’General Sigma’ was challenging us personal-like. Since that was our plan anyways (kill the big bad, the littler-bads all run like cowards) we went along with it. We thought it might’ve been an ambush, and we were kinda right. They sent in some flunkies to fight us and try to wear us out.

The first group was pretty squishy: just some archers and soldier guys. They had some sneaky types, but they weren’t very good at sneakeries. At least, not so good that they could avoid getting a dagger between the ribs. Hehe~



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