War of the Burning Sky

Entry #87 -- Wherein We Find a Bullnado

...not as awesome as a Sharknado, though.

Fog fog everywhere, and man it really sucked. But we finally found something in the fog that didn’t try to kill us: A tower!

It wasn’t a really big tower, maybe like…. six-ten-feet. Ya know, bigger than a castle wall but smaller than a waterfall? Numbers are hard to guesstimate. Birdlady did some weird magicky thing with her eyes and seeds and stuff, and did some long-range scoutin’ in the window way up there.

She like… stood up like a chicken and looked below her before shakin’ off the magic. I guess the tower was actually a fake, and it was actually hidden underground… But Birdlady is good at seeing stuff like that, so whatever.

We climbed down a ladder and got to the bottom of a freezed-up pit, where some weird…. stuff sprang up and attacked! It kinda looked humanish, but it’s like…. super goopy and cold. Also they flew and breathed cold stuff at us, which was not good. But Bre charged in and fire-blasted the weaker stuff into tiny pieces and we slowly mopped the rest up.

We went to the bottom of the tower, which had a door with a weird carving of like… not good stuff on it. Storms and wind turning into a thing? It looked pretty bad. The guilder also said it was trapped and pointed at some stuff, but it didn’t look trapped to me. Then he said some stuff and I got angry and WANTED TO STAB HIM AND MAKE HIM DIE AND

We opened the door into a room with a lot of person-jars filled with green stuff. We poked around and saw people inside ‘em (that’s why they’re called person-jars). Birdlady and Rylik said they were ‘beyond saving’ and there wasn’t anything we could do for ’em. But at least we could find the guy that did it and kill him dead!

One of the person-jars exploded and a bullnado came out! It’s like a tornado, but actually a bull-person. That flies! He charged out and ran into like four of us at once, knockin’ em flat on their butts. He’s… pretty tough, but at least he still bled. I think. I didn’t really bother to check.



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