War of the Burning Sky

Entry #88 & #89 -- Wherein a Long Fight Happens

Two entries worth of fight! Honest and for truly~

We killed the bullnado after stabbin’ it a couple times. It was pretty tough, but he kept flyin’ up where I could just nail it with my daggers. Smart, it ain’t.

Everyone poked around to see if they could save the people in the person-jars, but even if we did… we couldn’t do nothin’ for ‘em. They were already half-mutat half-mutata They were already in the middle of bein’ monster-ified, and it’s hard to un-monsterify without killin’ ‘em. Rylik was wantin’ to write some notes about the whole thing, but we wanted to kill the people doin’ all this so they would stop. So we charged through some doors and went into a neat room with a floaty statue hangin’ off some chains and other cool stuff.

Then we got lightnin’ blasted by some cheap monk girl. She was like the other monks we fought before, but she was WAY tougher. She even made herself invisible, somehow. Shame she wouldn’t tell me how to do that, but I don’t think I’d believe her if she did. She’s THAT tricky. We tried holdin’ her down, but she kept bouncin’ around like a ball in a cage, boooooing-boooooooing zap-zap-ZAP~ It’s REALLY hard to hit somethin’ that won’t hold still AND is invisible. She nearly killed Rylik and the guilder, but we got lucky with some last shots when she let her guard down. Rather than get killed, she ran away as a big tornado started to come our way. We couldn’t find anything important in the room with what little time we had, so we had to book it. That means run, Mr. Book; not throw you at ‘em or somethin’ silly like that. We had to leave most of the guilder behind, since he kinda died. Not that it was a big loss or anything. Rylik managed to save his skull, for some dumb reason. We could see maybe savin’ the big guy’s noggin, since he’s actually kinda useful. But the guilder? Should’ve left all of him to rot.

We’re kinda hidin’ out in this dinky cave until the wind dies down a little. After that, we’re headin’ to Eresh and seein’ if the monk guys are FINALLY willin’ to talk to us. I mean, we killed the Ragesians that were on their front door AND the weird biomagic monk lady (Although she said somethin’ about havin’ a master, so that’s important) so maybe they’ll see us as not messin’ around. If talkin’ nice was this much work, no wonder the other guys failed.

We DID see this thing on our way out of the tower (before the storm pretty much destroyed it). It was like a giant shark with horns and birds all around it, and it had a big eye on its belly starin’ at us. It was the BIGGEST sharknado ever. We stared at each other for a bit before it flew off someplace. Maybe the monk guys know what that thing is?



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