War of the Burning Sky

Entry #90 -- Wherein I Chase Monks

...and then they chased me! They changed the rules!

Heya Mr. Book~

We made it back to Eresh, where Bird Monk told us that the big cheeses of the monastery was FINALLY okay with talkin’ with us, and even sent some guys to take us there. I guess the place is led by two brothers, Pilus and Lonjin Logi Lonny. I dunno much about Lonny except he likes to wear a fancy mask and be all “mysterious” and “whispery”. I know a bit more about Pilus (since you helped remember for me, Mr. Book!) and he does kinda look like the type of guy that would be kinda sneaky about stuff. He was buddies with that warlord-king-guy Omnomnom or whatever-his-name-is. I still think it was weird that he was all “the Ragesians aren’t anything to worry about” and now he’s all “we need to kill ’em now”. Still, it ain’t the first time people had to change their mind about stuff. I’m still iffy ’bout him, though.

Speakin’ of iffy, Castagorn (the big guy) said he was gonna follow us now, for some flimsy-type-reasons. Y’know, “Destiny told me to” and “It feels right”. I mean, if Destiny told you to jump off a bridge, would ya do it? Not unless it had a dagger by my neck. Still, I don’t think he’s sneaky enough to be a bad guy. Just kinda dumb.

He was bein’ nosy, though. He was talkin’ with Bre about what we’re doin’ and what we saw and stuff. She’s kinda good at readin’ people, so I figure if she trusts the big guy, it can’t be all bad. She filled him in on stuff that’s prolly important, like Trilliths (the weird dream monster things that usually kill stuff like Madness and Indomitability, but have at least one nice one with Balance that’s inside Bird-Monk’s head right now) and what we’re doin’ (Which is helpin’ Seaquen out to fight the Ragesians, which right now means helpin’ the monks, which means findin’ the Torch that ol’ Coaltongue had before he disappeared, which is probably in his old castle Greyskull that right now is covered in a big fire storm that’s WAY worse than the fire-forest we were in) and how we got roped into this whole thing in the first place (I just wanted to kill stuff).

Then they started talkin’ about Bird-Lady, Rylik and me. It was just the usual stuff at first, like Bird-Lady is nice, Rylik’s thing with skulls is weird, Beryl’s really stab-happy (and I am, but that’s nothin’ new) and then Castagorn got all ‘Should we trust the stabby one?’ Esme thought it would be funny to spook him when he was all nervous like that, so I tried to sneak up on him and Bre. Bre saw me comin’, but the big guy jumped out of his own skin! Guy needs to learn how to relax. I mean, we only kill the people that deserve it, like the Ragesians… Monsters trying to eat us… Guilders… I should probably make a list. Then again, Esme can keep track of that stuff way better than any list can.

We’re gonna be busy waitin’ for a week while the monk brothers make an orb so we can go storm castle Greyskull. I’ve been busy learnin’ how the monks move so dang quick. I mean, I’m pretty fast on my feet, but they always seem to be JUST out of reach when I tried to catch ‘em. Then when it was my turn to run away, they were like… tougher to run away from than a shadow. It’s a weird way of learnin’, but it’s kinda fun. Like a not-deadly game of tag.

I’ll write again later, Mr. Book~ Maybe when I’m not so tired from runnin’ around.


Don’t forget to take He-Man’s sword, when you head to castle Greyskull.

Entry #90 -- Wherein I Chase Monks

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